Rehabilitation and Post-Acute Care

The Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at West Penn Hospital offers:

  • Physicians on-site 24 hours-a-day
  • Easy access to medical specialists, such as Cardiology, Neurology, and Infectious Disease
  • A 55-foot long ambulation hall designed for gait training
  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT)-trained therapists (NDT is a hands-on treatment approach used by therapists)
  • Wii-habilitation, using the popular interactive Wii (c) gaming system
  • Bioness H200 Wireless system that uses e-stim to improve coordination and function of the wrist and hand
  • LiteGait, a modality that controls weight bearing, posture, and balance over a treadmill or the ground for safe practice walking
  • A large community room equipped with television, a player piano, board games, puzzles, magazines, books, and a computer for patients and their families to enjoy
  • Our urban location offers a unique opportunity for community re-integration outings

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Service
4800 Friendship Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

(412) 578-5163