Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive procedures help people feel and function better with congenital conditions or following illness or trauma. At Allegheny Health Network’s (AHN) Surgery Institute, we understand how these things impact everyday activities and even how you feel about yourself. We can help.

Our plastic surgeons regularly perform reconstructive procedures, including breast reconstruction surgery. Our team also includes accomplished physicians who have unique expertise in reconstructive hand surgery, nerve surgery, and gender-affirming surgery for transgender people.

Our comprehensive reconstructive surgery program

Restoring the use or look of your body can be life changing, both physically and mentally. Our plastic surgery care team is committed to helping you set expectations and reach your individual goals in reconstructive care.

People also choose us reconstructive surgery because of our:

  • Reconstructive surgery expertise: Reconstructive surgery requires extraordinary skill and technique. All of our plastic surgeons are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Some members of our reconstructive care team have been recognized nationally for their talent. At AHN, you can be confident you’re in skilled, experienced hands, no matter what type of reconstructive surgery you may need.
  • Subspecialty focus: Several of our physicians specialize in certain treatments, including hand surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, and transgender surgery, such as gender-affirming female-to-male breast reconstruction. Their focused training means you’ll be cared for by a surgeon who understands and knows how to effectively treat problems similar to yours — which leads to better results. 
  • Convenience: Because we offer reconstructive care at many locations, you may have the option of undergoing surgery close to your home. This can help family or friends support you more easily after your surgery. Other times, our specialists can follow up with you at a location convenient for you.
  • Personal attention: Our patients’ success stories drive our commitment to delivering outstanding reconstructive care. We make extra efforts to be available to answer your questions and check in on you at many points in your care process.

Our reconstructive surgery specialti