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Lung Transplant

If you have a chronic respiratory disease like COPD or pulmonary fibrosis, you could be a good candidate for a lung transplant.

Transplant expertise with outstanding care

We’ve teamed up with world-renowned transplant experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine and created a well-coordinated process from your initial evaluation through your recovery.

Introducing your transplant team

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    Your transplant coordinator

    AHN coordinators work to schedule your appointments and to plan your transportation to and from The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Call your coordinator anytime at (412) 442-2541.

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    Your AHN lung specialist

    Coordinating with the specialists at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, your AHN lung specialist will order all of the tests and exams you’ll need to determine your eligibility for transplant.

  • image of transplant expert Pali Shah

    Your Johns Hopkins transplant experts

    Your transplant pulmonologist works with you during the evaluation and follow-up processes. Your transplant surgeon will meet with you to explain the risks and benefits of the procedure.

  • image of transplant support team Gina Pace

    Your Johns Hopkins support team

    Your transplant will be life-changing in many ways. The support staff will help you find temporary housing, maintain a healthy weight, and ensure your insurance covers the transplant costs.

John Hopkins Transplant Surgery Team

25 years pioneering lung transplant leadership Shorter waits than the national average* High success rates with few limitations.

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How our process works

Your team guides you through every step: tests and screenings at AHN, consultations at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, the transplant team meeting, the waiting list, and your surgery and recovery. 

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Wait times vary for each patient based on a number of factors. United Network for Organ Sharing, or UNOS, oversees the distribution of transplant organs in the U.S., and maintains all organ waiting lists.