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NicView™ Parent Information

What is NicView™

NicView™ is an innovative small camera system placed at designated bed spaces in the NICU and allows parents, family and friends to view their infant in realtime, 24/7, through a secure on-line portal. This service helps families develop that bond with their preemie or hospitalized infant even when they can’t be in the NICU with them. NicView can add peace of mind and provide reassurance when you can’t be at the bedside.

The camera delivers a secure image stream for parents and family members to view their baby remotely. Family members can securely access NicView from anywhere there is an internet connection via a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The service is compatible with any internet capable device and most popular browsers.

Is NicView™ Secure?

NicView™ produces a streaming image that travels securely with up to 256-bit SSL encryption, the current web standard, similar to online banking. Cameras do not transmit sound & do not record video. No other users will have access to your baby’s images unless you have provided them the log-in credentials.

How do I access NicView™?

Once you have signed a consent form to use the NicView™ Streaming Camera System, you will be provided a print-out with your unique log-in credentials. These credentials can also be emailed or texted to you and are for you to share with your family and friends if you desire.

Please remind family and friends not to share your log-in credentials with others without your permission.

To access private streaming images of your baby, go to: www.nicview.net

Enter your unique log-in User Name and Password to connect. The first time you or a family member log-in from a new computer, tablet, or smart phone, you may be asked to acknowledge a one-time consent.

What will I see?

Once you are logged in, you will start receiving streaming images of your baby.

However, if the nurse is caring for your baby, the camera may be temporarily ‘off-line’ in which case you will see an ‘off-line’ image. Please check back shortly. Remember, your baby’s care is the TOP priority and your baby’s image may be off-line frequently. Please be patient and know your baby is receiving great care.

Helpful Information about NicView™ for Parents:

  • The intent of the camera is to be a comfort and connection for you and your family. If you find the NicView camera creates anxiety or is a distraction, please let the staff know and the camera can be turned off.
  • The camera is mounted to one side of your baby’s bed and should not be moved. If you feel the camera lens needs to be repositioned, call the NicView technical service number at the bottom of the viewing screen. The camera lens can be repositioned remotely.
  • If your baby has a blanket over his/her incubator to protect from ambient light, your view will be darkened.
  • If your baby is under phototherapy, the color will be distorted.
    The camera will be off-line when care is being provided for your baby.

There will be times when

  • Your baby has had a wet burp or spits up
  • Your baby has lost his/her pacifier
  • Eye patches have slipped or phototherapy is turned off
  • Your baby will not be available to view due to nursing/medical care

The care you see and experience when you are in the NICU is the same when your are home. Babies will move, cry, spit up and these are all natural baby responses. We ask for your patience during these times and please know your nurse is providing great care to your baby.


What if I have technical trouble, need assistance logging in, or the camera needs to be adjusted?

NicView™ provides technical support 24/7 for family members.

Please call (855) Nic-View (855) 642-8439 for all your technical needs.

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