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Allergy & Immunology at AGH

Drug and Venom allergy

Our expert team can help you identify the triggers of an unexpected reaction, and safe alternatives to your treatment. We offer drug challenge, desensitization also when alternatives are not advised. Our ASA desensitization service can help chronic nasal polyp suffers improve their quality of life.

Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps

Many people in the greater Pittsburgh area have suffered with chronic nasal symptoms for too long! Our team can help you determine if your nasal and eye symptoms are due to allergies and can start a treatment plan to control them. But if your nasal symptoms aren’t from allergies, we can still help. Many nasal polyp and chronic sinusitis patients have other treatable causes like aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease, immune system dysfunction and occupational triggers. We can help you understand your triggers and get treatment started to get you back to breathing, sleeping and enjoying life!

Preparing for your Allergy Visit:
Bring all your current medications, including prescription and over the counter medications and supplements with you, or write them out on a list to bring. Bring you vaccination card, your chest x-rays, and any other tests you would like our doctor to review. If your visit requires an insurance authorization, bring that too, as well as your insurance card and photo ID. Your visit may take up to 2 hours, wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Small children may need games and toys - and even a babysitter sometimes comes in handy. Please do not bring food to the office as some of our other patients may have allergies to the foods you are bringing.

If the person being seen is a child, their legal guardian or parent needs to be present. In the case that a parent can not be at the visit, a signed authorization for treatment will need to be brought by the family member with them (please consult our office).

If you have breathing symptoms, you may need lung function testing in our visit. Please bring all the inhaled medications and devices you take them with to our office.

Finally, it often helps to write down and bring the questions you have for our doctors. We want to make sure that you leave with all the answers you need.