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Advancing bariatric surgery while improving patients’ lives.

At Allegheny Health Network Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, we understand the day-to-day struggles that obesity brings. We understand how obesity can decrease one’s quality of life. The decision to undergo bariatric surgery can be a complicated one, too. There are many factors in the decision making process—from learning about the procedures available, to verifying insurance coverage, to finding the right doctor and making the commitment to live a healthier lifestyle.

Bariatric surgery changes one life—physically, emotionally, and socially.

The good news is that Allegheny Health Network Bariatric and Metabolic Institute has a nationally recognized reputation for delivering positive outcomes in bariatric surgery.

At Allegheny Health Network Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, we are helping more people each year reach and maintain their weight loss surgery goals. Our experience and our ongoing research in bariatric surgery, obesity research, internal medicine, behavioral science, and related fields help us provide the very best care in bariatric surgery.

Research shows that bariatric surgery has many benefits in addition to the weight loss; from resolving migraines, obstructive sleep apnea, asthma, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, GERD, and mortality. In fact, 95% of bariatric patients say that the surgery has improved their quality of life.

We currently have more than 200 active clinical trials that range from allergy and breathing disorders to surgery and transplant.

Interested in participating in a new non-surgical weight loss study?

Allegheny Health Network is participating in an approved U.S. clinical trial to evaluate the Obalon® Balloon, a new non-surgical weight loss technology that may offer a new approach for people who have struggled to lose weight through conventional dieting. Known as the SMART Trial, it will be conducted at up to 15 medical centers in the U.S, and over 300 patients will be in the study.

Allegheny Health Network has been selected to offer the SMART Clinical Trial, which will be led by George Eid, MD. Dr. Eid is a nationally recognized surgeon with leading expertise in minimally invasive surgical techniques and bariatric or weight loss surgery. Dr. Eid is one of a select group of physicians in the US taking part in the study. Learn more about Dr. Eid.

Read the press release.

What is the Obalon® Balloon?

The Obalon Balloon has been commercially available in select countries outside the U.S for over two years. The Obalon Balloon is a non-surgical, fully-reversible device intended for weight loss.

How does it work?

The Obalon Balloon is placed by simply swallowing a dissolvable capsule containing the balloon. Once in the stomach, the balloon is inflated with gas. The inflated balloon is designed to occupy space in the stomach to help patients feel fuller, eat smaller meal portions and lose weight.

Do you qualify?

To qualify for this clinical study, participants must meet these criteria:

  • Age 22-64
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) between 30-40
  • No prior weight loss surgery
  • No significant gastrointestinal (GI) conditions
  • Must be able to attend regular visits at Allegheny Health Network’s SMART Trial location over a 1-year period (approximately 1 visit every 3 weeks)

Interested in learning more? Download the SMART Trial patient brochure.