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Your Pathway to Surgery

Step One: Attend a Free Information Session

Beginning the process starts with attending a free information session. At this session, our surgical staff will speak and provide information regarding the procedures available and answer any questions you may have. An appointment may be made for a clinic visit at this session.

Step Two: Verify Insurance Coverage

Now that you are considering bariatric surgery, it is important to know if your insurance company will cover the procedure. Verification can be made by calling your insurance company. While most insurance companies cover obesity surgery in full, some do not and others may have restrictions in coverage. All plans are different and the amount of coverage depends on the arrangement your employer has made with your insurance plan. We have a specialized insurance coordinator that will help you through the process.

Step Three: Visit Your Surgeon

At this visit, you will have an assessment of your overall health and wellness. We will inform you of all testing needed prior to your surgery and assist you in starting your journey.

Step Four: Lifestyle Changes

You will be instructed as to your insurance company’s lifestyle change requirements. The changes may include a physician supervised diet, weight loss, and/or exercise programs. Many insurance companies require documentation of past weight loss history.

Step Five: Obtain Insurance Authorization

Typically, six months of lifestyle changes are necessary. Once all testing and paperwork has been received and reviewed by your surgeon, this information will be forwarded to your insurance company for authorization. Upon approval, our office will contact you to determine a surgery date and a pre-operative visit.

Step Six: Pre-operative Visit

With your surgery date scheduled, it is now time to have your pre-operative visit. At this visit, our staff will review all pre- and post-operative instructions and answer any questions you may have. Final testing will be ordered and a final examination will be completed.

Step Seven: Healthy Lifestyles

After surgery, our multi-specialty team will continue to follow and guide you through your weight loss journey. Health and wellness visits will occur regularly after surgery with full access to our support groups. 

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