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AHN Diabetes Academy

Coordinated care through the AHN Diabetes Academy

The Allegheny Health Network has revolutionized diabetes care with the development of the AHN Diabetes Academy in Wexford and Bloomfield. We specialize in providing coordinated, patient-centered care. This means you are always at the center of the care team.

We start by setting aside two hours for your first appointment. Each Care Team member will spend time with you to learn about your individual needs. From there, they’ll collaborate on creating your customized treatment plan.

After your initial visit, your team will help you schedule follow-up phone appointments. If you are experiencing difficulty with any part of your treatment, your team member will support you in overcoming your challenges. And, they will collaborate with your primary care physician to maintain consistency with your care.

Your care team

Clinical navigator
Your clinical navigator is a registered nurse experienced in team-based care. The clinical navigator will coordinate your care during your visits and be your point of contact throughout your journey. The navigator will help you set up appointments, follow up on lab tests, and connect with your primary care doctor.

An endocrinologist, experienced in the medical management of diabetes, will assess, diagnose, and treat you for your diabetes. The doctor will lead the rest of your care team to ensure you are getting the right level of support.

Clinical pharmacist
You will meet with a clinical pharmacist about how and when to take the medications prescribed by your endocrinologist. Between appointments, the clinical pharmacist will be in touch to discuss how you are doing with your medications, to monitor your blood sugar, and adjust your dosages as requested by the endocrinologist.

Diabetes educator/nutritionist
Education and nutrition are an important part of managing diabetes. Diabetes educators will provide you with the self-management tools to help you maintain wellness. Topics include healthy eating, exercise, monitoring blood sugar, and ways to reduce the complications of diabetes. Your educator will reach out to you between appointments to help support you in achieving your nutrition and physical activity goals.

Behavioral health consultant
As part of your care plan, you may meet with the behavioral health consultant to discuss the mental health impact of living with diabetes. The behavioral health consultant can help you explore techniques to deal with stress, anger, and denial, which are common issues among people with diabetes. Managing these emotions can keep you on track for achieving your health-related goals.

Your primary care physician
When it is appropriate, the care team will transition your care to your primary care physician (PCP). We will get your PCP up to speed on your individualized care path. Your PCP will monitor and support you in your day-to-day management of diabetes. If you stray from the path, the care team will be here to help.

AHN Diabetes Academy locations
Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Health
Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion
12311 Perry Highway
Wexford, PA 15090

AHN Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Health-Bloomfield
5140 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224