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Halloween with Diabetes

Enjoying Halloween when you have Diabetes

Halloween can be a difficult time for people who have diabetes because of all that candy!

However, Halloween can still be an enjoyable time for people with diabetes. Here are a few ideas for a healthy Halloween.

Enjoy the fun parts of Halloween that do not involve collecting or eating candy:

  • Decorating the house with spooky decorations
  • Taking a trip to a pumpkin patch
  • Decorating or carving pumpkins
  • Dressing up in a costume

You can avoid the temptation of having excessive amounts of candy in your house to give to trick-or-treaters. Instead of giving out candy, consider giving out:

  • Party favors such as plastic spider rings or little play skeletons (sold at most party stores).
  • Healthy treats such as little bags of pretzels with Halloween decorations on the bag.

If you have diabetes, it is still important to enjoy some treats in life!

  • Most people with diabetes can eat one or two pieces of candy without causing problems with high glucoses. If you are not sure how to include a few pieces of candy in your meal plan, or how to adjust your medication to allow for treats, then you may want to discuss with your doctor or diabetes educator.
  • Decide how much candy you will save, and get rid of the rest. Some charities accept candy donations such as The Ronald McDonald House and Operation Gratitude.

For more tips on celebrating Halloween when you have diabetes, check out these articles from the Joslin Diabetes website:

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