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Esophageal and Lung Institute

Preventing, detecting and treating esophageal and thoracic diseases has never been more effective. The Allegheny Health Network Esophageal and Lung Institute’s nationally recognized multidisciplinary team unites experts from many different specialties to evaluate you, quickly and accurately diagnose your condition in its earliest stage, and determine a detailed prevention or treatment plan that will give you the best possible outcome.

Our specialists focus on an array of esophageal and lung diseases and conditions, including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD),laryngopharyngeal reflux, Barrett’s esophagus, dysplasia, esophageal cancer, esophageal motility disorders, lung cancer, mesothelioma, mediastinal tumors and tracheal diseases. And our treatments include the latest breakthroughs and minimally invasive surgeries that are performed at only a handful of medical centers around the country.

AHN physician, Dr. Blair Jobe, is educating the public on Esophageal Cancer risk

Cancer of the esophagus is the fastest rising type of cancer in this country. If you have frequent heartburn, you’re at risk for a condition that can double your chance of developing cancer.

Dr. Blair Jobe, Director of the Esophageal and Lung Institute at Allegheny Health Network and Clinical Professor of Surgery at Temple University School of Medicine, has spoken with several media sources to educate the public about the risk.

See his interviews below:

Health Power: Connection Between Heartburn and Cancer of the Esophagus ­-- What You Need to Know

Life Lessons Featuring Dr. Blair Jobe, Esophageal cancer specialist

SNN News: Frequent heartburn? You may be at risk for esophageal cancer

Support Services

We are here improve your health and strengthen your overall wellbeing. Our services include:

  • Swallowing Center
  • Speech therapy
  • Dietary counseling and nutrition
  • Cancer support

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Stay Informed 

Read our latest clinical update newsletters and publications on esophageal and lung cancer, diagnostics, therapies, and more. 

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Our Leadership 

Physicians at the Esophageal & Lung Institute are continuously exploring novel, less invasive, and more effective treatment alternatives for our patients. We use the most advanced treatment options and our physicians are pioneers of many minimally invasive surgical techniques.

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Surgery Fellowship

The Esophageal and Lung Institute at the Allegheny Health Network is offering three, one-year advanced thoracic surgery fellowship positions focused on minimally invasive and surgical techniques for esophageal and lung diseases.

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