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About the Program

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) recognizes that health is a matter of more than personal importance for corporate Executives. Because companies rely on their Executive staff for critical leadership and direction, optimal executive health is not only vital to the success of the organization but is also an important investment. Between business trips, early mornings, late nights, plenty of stress with managing home life, it’s difficult to make time for a yearly physical. But to maintain stamina and leadership acumen, Executive have to be at there physical and mental best. A full-scale health evaluation by an experienced group of medical providers can optimize your health for years to come.

The AHN Executive Health and Wellness Program is proactive in providing both important preventative medicine as well as targeted diagnostic testing. Screening tests and a comprehensive medical history combined with a complete physical examination are designed to detect conditions such as cardiac disease, cancer and other serious medical problems even before symptoms appear.