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Home Health at West Penn Hospital

The Right Choice for the Right Care

West Penn Allegheny Home Care is the preferred home care provider for the Allegheny Health Network.

What our patients have to say about our care and service:


  • "They always came in with a smile and a helping hand. Those wonderful people, I love them all; they were so caring."
  • "I was cared for very well after my surgery. Your staff are dedicated and caring. The nurses and therapists were wonderful; their patient understanding, encouragement and guidance kept me achieving progress I would not have thought possible."
  • "This service is important to people returning from a hospital. It gave me a sense of confidence that I was checked on and well taken care of. It relieved many fears during my recovery."
  • "I am happy to tell you that I am continuing to recover well at home thanks to the wonderful care I received from the professionals of West Penn Allegheny Home Care.“

What our physicians have to say about our care and service:

  • “I am unbelievably impressed by your staff’s professionalism and the care of my patient.”
  • “My patient’s post hospital care has been wonderful. She has made major improvements because of the wonderful care she is receiving in her home. Thank you West Penn Allegheny Home Care.”


Requesting Care at Home

To request services from West Penn Allegheny Home Care, call 412.330.4211.

Patients do not need to be in the hospital to request services; those being cared for in ambulatory care settings/clinics and emergency departments may be appropriate for home care services.

Covered Services

Services of West Penn Allegheny Home Care are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Highmark and most other insurance plans.

Most insurance plans are accepted for payment.

Our staff will contact your insurance carrier to determine coverage. You will be informed of any potential financial liability before services begin.


West Penn Allegheny Home Care is accredited by The Joint Commission and is certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Medicare/Medicaid services.

For more information, please call 412.330.4211.

West Penn Allegheny Home Care provides patients with the following health services in their homes:

Skilled Nursing Care


  • Physical assessment
  • Medication monitoring and reconciliation
  • Education of patients and families for management of disease and illness
  • Wound care
  • Ostomy care
  • Catheter care
  • Parenteral and enteral infusions
  • Telehealth

Our nurses are trained in cardiopulmonary assessment at West Penn Allegheny Health System's STAR (simulation) Center. They have a focus on the management of heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the home.

Home Health Aide Care
Under the supervision of a registered nurse:

  • Personal care (such as bathing, shampooing, nail care, and oral hygiene)
  • Assistance with activities of daily living


Rehabilitation Services
Physical Therapy:
To maximize safe mobility, independence and quality of life through:  

  •  Individualized exercise programs to increase strength, power, and endurance
  • Training to improve balance and mobility
  • Education including, but not limited to pain management, fall prevention, and home exercise programs


Occupational Therapy:
To maximize self care, independence and quality of life through: 


  • Training on use of equipment or techniques to improve ability to care for oneself
  • Home modification recommendations to improve safety
  • Education including, but not limited to home safety, energy conservation, and compensatory strategies

Speech-Language Pathology (Speech Therapy):
To maximize swallowing, speech, language, cognition and quality of life through:

  • Individualized exercise programs to improve the ability to speak and/or swallow
  • Training to improve communication, memory, reasoning, and/or problem solving skills
  • Education including, but not limited to safe swallowing techniques, modified food/liquid consistencies, and memory enhancement strategies


Medical Social Work

  • Assistance with obtaining community and financial resources
  • Counseling services
  • Assessment of social and emotional problems such as depression
  • Assistance with meeting transportation needs, long-term care planning, and adherence to treatment plans


West Penn Allegheny Home Care serves the following counties:

  • Allegheny County
  • parts of Armstrong County
  • parts of Butler County
  • parts of Washington County
  • parts of Westmoreland County


Please call us at 412.330.4211 to ask if we cover your area.


The Right Call
Does your loved one or patient...


  • Often need to be readmitted to the hospital?
  • Have difficulty adhering to medication requirements?
  • Need the help of another person to function at home?
  • Have a history of a recent fall?
  • Have increased difficulty with balance and/or walking?
  • Need a nurse’s observation and assessment to ensure proper treatment in a time of instability?
  • Need professional teaching to manage wound care or pain?
  • Need education to identify symptoms and manage care at home?
  • Have pain that interferes with everyday living?

Are you concerned that your loved one or patient:


  • Has experienced a decline in function/ability to care for him/herself?
  • May be unsafe at home?
  • May need urgent/unplanned medical care due to his/her condition?
  • Has increasing shortness of breath?
  • May need unplanned medical care related to a new wound or wound that is worsening or infected?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please call West Penn Allegheny Home Care for information or to make a referral - 412.330.4211