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Perioperative Medicine

The Center for Perioperative Medicine at Allegheny General Hospital provides specialized care to help patients prepare for elective surgeries. Our staff of internal medicine physicians will work with you, your surgeon and your anesthesiologist to ensure that you are in optimal health prior to undergoing surgery.

Embraced by leading medical centers, perioperative consultation is an evidence-based practice that yields improved outcomes. Patients who undergo a perioperative assessment are likely to achieve optimal management of chronic conditions prior to surgery and develop fewer complications from surgery or anesthesia.

Proactive care before surgery is critical to achieving the best outcomes and may help:

• Decrease bleeding
• Decrease blood transfusions
• Reduce risk of infection
• Reduce risk of cardiovascular complications
• Reduce risk of developing blood clots or pulmonary embolism

Along with providing medical clearance for surgery, our physicians offer counseling regarding the use of medications before and immediately after surgery and manage follow-up care in the hospital for patients with unique risk factors and special needs.

Our team will work closely with your physician and anesthesiologist to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care before, during and after surgery.