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Site Visit Request

LifeFlight Landing Zone Safety Program / Site Visit Application

Use this form to request LifeFlight for formal safety training (i.e. Ground Support Training), visits to public safety sponsored community events or hospital community events.  Training events for Public Safety agencies receive the highest priority.  While all non-public safety requests are evaluated, we are unfortunately not able to accommodate all of these requests.

County:  Municipality: 
(Cell number is required for someone that will be on site the day of our visit).
Requested Date and Time:  Alternate Date and Time: 
Purpose of Visit:  (Please use as much detail as is necessary to help us understand what you hope to gain from LifeFlight’s visit.)
Physical address of event: 
Estimated Number Attending: 
Will any EMS staff be in attendance? 
Are you inviting other departments?
Other Departments:
LZ information:  Please describe LZ in detail (surface, size, obstructions and/or potential obstructions within ¼ mile, and significant landmarks that might help us locate your site, i.e. items easily identified by helicopter crew).

Radio Frequency

Transmit: Receive:
PL: Call Sign/Radio Contact ID:

Submission of this form does not guarantee that your site visit is approved, you will hear from a LifeFlight representative within one week of submission, no matter the outcome of your request.