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Cameos of Caring® Advanced Practice Award

Kiley Linden-Felton

West Penn Hospital 

Kiley Linden-Felton, DNP, FNP-C, Chief Nurse Practitioner, West Penn Hospital

Two of Kiley Linden-Felton’s colleagues cite the same story that illustrates her unwavering advocacy and commitment to patient care.

While a young patient with an aggressive form of lymphoma was undergoing chemotherapy, he was admitted into the ICU with septic shock and multi-organ failure. He was intubated, transferred to the ICU, and was near death.

Drawing from her experience as an ICU nurse, Kiley advocated for the use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), which she felt would save his life. She overcame the initial resistance of the ICU team and instituted ECMO, and the patient lived. Without Kiley’s efforts, this 22-year old would have lost his life.

According to Amanda Henning, MPAS, PA-C, a colleague of Kiley’s, “Kiley embodies the type of health care practitioner that I strive to be. She is relentless when it comes to direct patient care, and will go to any means necessary to ensure they receive the quality care they deserve. She always puts the patient first.”

“The medical field is constantly changing, and being a nurse gives us the opportunity to grow as practitioners by learning something new every day,” says Kiley. “Whether we are watching our patients take their first steps, or their final breath, it’s a powerful demonstration of the bond that we create with them.”

Michaelle Callihan

Allegheny General Hospital 

Michaelle Callihan, DNP, FNP-BC, CHFN, Heart Failure Nurse Practitioner, Allegheny General Hospital

When Michaelle Callihan first became a nurse practitioner, she was blessed with the perspective of a mentor, advisor, and friend, Rene Alvarez, MD.

According to Michaelle, “He taught me not only to care for my patients from a clinical standpoint, but emotionally. His guidance and constructive feedback gave me the ability to identify my own strengths and weaknesses—the cornerstone of my success.”

When Michaelle joined the Heart Failure Disease Management team in 2014, her passion for patient care was immediately noted. In her efforts to start the Heart Failure Bridge Clinic, she ensured that every patient admitted for heart failure left the hospital with a solid plan and follow-up appointment. She helped to reduce the readmission rate from over 30% at her arrival to under 10% at the end of 2016.

From there, she worked to continue to improve the post-acute part of a heart patient’s journey. Allegheny Health Network partners with 13 post-acute facilities to standardize care across the continuum for heart failure patients. On a daily basis, Michaelle meets with each facility to review patients’ last 24 hours of care and works with the care teams to ensure appropriate changes are made to provide the highest level of care. This also includes site visits, help with end-of-life decisions, and other patient needs.

“Michaelle has dedicated her life to ensure that she is an advocate for the patient, a mentor to her colleagues, and a consummate professional. But, above all, her compassion for her patients and families is second to none,” says Lexi Robinson, MS, CES, Senior Clinical Manager, Cardiovascular, HM Home and Community Services.