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Arthroscopic Surgery at West Penn Hospital

A new orthopaedic practice at West Penn Hospital focuses on joint preservation rather than replacement, giving hope and mobility to high school soccer players, recreational sports enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.

Arthroscopic surgeons evaluate patients with activity-related joint pain and perform minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures that enable them to return to action safely.  Evidence-based application of nonsurgical therapy and modern operative techniques create options for active patients who are not candidates for more invasive and costly joint replacements.

Patients can receive minimally invasive arthroscopic treatment for repair of tendon and cartilage injury in the hip, shoulder and knee. Whether a patient needs rotator cuff repair, ACL surgery or hip labrum repair, the use of arthroscopic techniques reduces pain and improves outcomes. More advanced arthroscopic procedures aimed at improving joint motion in the athlete’s hip are unique advances offered in few locations around the country. Through two small incisions, the hip is reshaped to a more perfect fit, protecting the joint and relieving pain.

Equally important is the way all our patients receive care. A clinical day is organized so that a patient sees the doctor, receives an MRI if needed, and leaves with a diagnosis—all in the same day. All surgical patients are seen the day after surgery for follow-up to ensure comfort and to get the recovery started.   

For more information or to make an appointment, call 1.877.660.6777.

Mellon Pavilion
4815 Liberty Avenue
Suite 252
Pittsburgh, PA 15224