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Concussion Care at Allegheny General Hospital

Concussion Center

Concussion CenterBased at Allegheny General Hospital, the Concussion Center offers advanced diagnostic and treatment options for patients who have suffered a concussion. We work with athletes who have sustained a direct blow to the head, as well as patients who suffered a concussion during a motor vehicle accident, fall, fight or other trauma.

Each patient is seen by a physician within 24 to 48 hours of a referral. Following a comprehensive assessment, our concussion management team provides each patient with a customized treatment plan, including options ranging from medical management to physical therapy to behavior modification.

Neurocognitive Testing

We use the latest technology to determine if patients are experiencing any cognitive deficits, such as memory loss, slower processing time or loss of balance. That will help us to formulate the best treatment approach.

A Full Spectrum of Treatment Options

In many cases, patients will fully recover from a concussion with relative brain rest (activities that don't require mental or physical activity). When more advanced treatment is necessary, we offer a variety of interventions,  including:

  • Medications
  • Physical therapy (vestibular, ocular and multitasking exercises)
  • Behavior modification

Concussion Services for Athletes

Athletes are three to five times more likely to have a second concussion. In some cases, the effects of a subsequent concussion (also known as Second Impact Syndrome) may be compounded. That's why it is important to determine when it is safe for an athlete to return to play. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Concussion Center is working with schools and professional teams to make sure athletes are fully cleared to resume physical exertion and participate in sporting activities.

Concussion Center at AGHThrough a limited licensing agreement with iComet Technologies, Allegheny Health Network is the sole provider of C3 Logix testing capabilities in the 29 counties of western Pennsylvania. This technology has the ability to collect gyroscopic and motion data with a unique iPad application that is strapped to a patient's back. This helps physicians to assess symptoms of mild-traumatic brain injury by gauging balance, reaction time, memory and processing time, motor function and vision. C3 Logix can be used on the sidelines immediately following an athletic injury.

In addition, AGH athletic trainers work with local athletes, coaches and parents to educate them on specific activities that may predispose athletes to concussions and how to better prevent them, including the use of the latest protective gear. A primary goal of the center’s educational mission is to help athletes, coaches and parents more readily identify and respond to the warning signs of concussion.

Athletes who need specialized services for the treatment of a concussion can be referred to Allegheny Health Network's multidisciplinary team of specialists. 

To be referred to a specialist at the Concussion Center, call 412.359.3895.