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Foot & Ankle at Jefferson Hospital

Foot and Ankle Center


The Foot and Ankle Center is a comprehensive outpatient center that specializes in all aspects of foot and ankle care. A subspecialty-trained physician will evaluate your foot or ankle concern, and develop an appropriate treatment plan to fit your lifestyle.

From flat feet, bunions and hammertoes to ankle sprains; from foot and ankle fractures to arthritis care, including total ankle replacement, our specialists at Jefferson Hospital’s Foot and Ankle Center provide state-of-the-art treatments for all varieties of foot and ankle conditions and disorders.

Our Center’s team will be happy to assist you in setting up an appointment and getting you – comfortably – back on your feet.

To find a doctor, call our Ortho1Call program at 412.469.7711.


Musculoskeletal injuries can be a real pain – especially when they sideline you from your active lifestyle. You can get back in the game sooner when you call Jefferson Hospital’s Ortho1CallSM.

Ortho1Call is a service designed to expedite and coordinate care for patients with acute musculoskeletal injuries who can’t wait weeks or even months to consult with a specialist for an evaluation of pain or injury to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

It takes only One Step...
When you call 412.469.7711, our goal is to arrange an appointment with a medical provider for evaluation of pain or injury to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles within the next business day. At Jefferson, we take the hassle out of navigating the complicated process of obtaining musculoskeletal care.

We accept most insurances. If you require surgery, Jefferson Hospital offers new operating rooms, state-of-the-art technology and often minimally invasive techniques to speed your recovery.

Joint Comfort Program

The Join Comfort Program Can Help Ease Pain Through Exercise and Nutrition Education.
Orthopaedic specialists report a growing number of men and women in their 40s, 50s and 60s who regularly experience agonizing joint pain.

If you’ve given up on the gym because you’re too busy with work, if your knees are bothering you since you’ve put on that extra 10 pounds, if you have discomfort from arthritis in your shoulders or hips, this program at Jefferson Hospital can give you some relief.

Jefferson’s Joint Comfort Program is designed to relieve pain, help take stress off joints and strengthen areas of discomfort through a two-phase course of treatment with referral from your physician.

A one-on-one evaluation performed by a physical therapist begins a four-to-six week program incorporating an aquatic and land regimen. This program will be instructed by the physical therapist or physical therapy assistant while monitoring the participant’s past medical history. The program will consist of exercise, flexibility, stabilization, strength, resistance and endurance training.

It also incorporates nutritional education, including a one-on-one evaluation and nutritional plan for lifestyle modification and weight management. A Registered Dietician will provide evaluation of nutritional status and plan an individualized program that will help meet the goals of the participant. The Registered Dietician will provide continued follow-up and support with the participant, meeting on a regular basis and providing referrals to additional weight management and wellness programs at Jefferson Hospital.
The Joint Comfort Program takes into consideration patients’ individual insurance coverage. The program is intended for people with a confirmed diagnosis and who have seen an orthopedic physician who recommends treatment.

For more information, call 412.854.0190.

Ambassador Program

As you have come to know, recovery from total joint replacement requires hard work and perseverance. The encouragement of others, such as your physicians, nurses and therapists, can make a difference. It helps to know you have a team behind you.

You Are A Success Story
We invite you to share your experiences and assist other patients with their recoveries by serving as an ambassador to the Joint Care Center. In this role, you might visit with patients, provide testimonials about your experience, or simply cheer them on as they work toward reaching their goals.

Ambassadors are encouraged to provide:

  • Motivation and encouragement to orthopedic patients regarding therapy attendance and performance.
  • Interaction with both patients and families and proactively relay questions or concerns to caregivers.
  • Testimonials about their experiences with individual orthopedic patients or during group exercise class.
  • Testimonials about their experiences at our weekly pre-operative total joint class.
  • Testimonials about their experiences at our orthopedic-related seminars.

How to Apply

If you are interested in providing this important service to our patients, please call the Volunteer Services Department at 412.469.7032.

We're sure you'll find it a personally rewarding experience, and at the same time, you'll be doing something positive for your friends and neighbors.