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Orthopaedic Surgery at Jefferson Hospital

The Orthopaedic Surgery Program at Jefferson Hospital has been recognized as one of the best in western Pennsylvania because of the quality and diversity of our services, and our focus on the comfort and convenience of our patients.

Our services include inpatient and outpatient, medical and surgical care of orthopaedic-related issues including trauma, degenerative joint disease, occupational medicine, sports injury, nerve entrapment, spinal and congenital issues.

Why choose Jefferson’s Orthopaedic Institute for your orthopaedic care?

  • Certified by The Joint Commission for Total Hip Replacement and Total Knee Replacement ™
  • Highmark Blue Distinction for Total Hip Replacement and Total Knee Replacement™
  • Designated as a 2012 Aetna Institute of Quality® orthopaedic Care Facility for Total Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery
  • Private rooms
  • Valet parking
  • Experience – More than 700 total joint replacements performed every year
  • Board-certified surgeons
  • Patient satisfaction noted at the 99th percentile in western Pennsylvania and the 92nd percentile nationally


Ortho1CallSM - 412.469.7711

Musculoskeletal injuries can be a real pain – especially when they sideline you from your active lifestyle. You can get back in the game sooner when you call Jefferson Hospital’s Ortho1CallSM.

Ortho1Call is a service designed to expedite and coordinate care for patients with acute musculoskeletal injuries who can’t wait weeks or even months to consult with a specialist for an evaluation of pain or injury to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

It takes only One Step...
When you call 412-469-7711, our goal is to arrange an appointment with a medical provider for evaluation of pain or injury to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles within the next business day. At Jefferson, we take the hassle out of navigating the complicated process of obtaining musculoskeletal care.

We accept most insurances. If you require surgery, Jefferson Hospital offers new operating rooms, state-of-the-art technology and often minimally invasive techniques to speed your recovery.


Thank you for giving me back the greatest joy in my life

Thanks to Dr. Honkala, the Joint Care Center, Rehab Unit and Outpatient Physical Therapy at Jefferson Hospital, I am pain free. I am able to walk with my grandson and ride a bike for 30 minutes each day without pain. I can go up and down steps without pain and I feel like I have been given a new lease on life. I am looking forward to walks, amusement parks, and vacations with my family and this will all be possible because I am pain free and more active than I have been in the past two years. Thank you for giving me back the greatest joy in my life, quality time with my family.

- Patricia West

I need to have my other knee replaced soon and my plan is to come to Jefferson again.

When it came time to have my first knee replacement, knowing that my health insurance allows for my choice of many facilities, I chose Jefferson Hospital. Living in Elizabeth Township, Jefferson offers easy access for me and my family.

The preparation provided by the hospital was very helpful. The “total joint class” that was held at Jefferson prior to my surgery was wonderful. On hindsight I am so pleased that I attended. They told us what to expect in the hospital and gave us helpful hints about home recovery. I recommend this as a not-to-miss class.

The day of surgery went smoothly, from the preop time through the recovery room. I believe that the surgical department at Jefferson is one of the best from a patient’s perspective. The nurses and staff working in the Joint Care Center were more than helpful and very approachable. They made me feel like a person who happened to have surgery rather than a disease with a face. The physical therapy department had great expectations for me and was very encouraging. It worked because my knee is so much better now! On the day of surgery there was no way you could have convinced me I would be going home in a few short days, but with everyone’s care and encouragement I was very ready to go home on time.

I need to have my other knee replaced soon and my plan is to come to Jefferson again.

– Bonnie Craig