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Wound Care at West Penn Hospital

Providing advanced wound management is a natural extension of the expertise and experience acquired and successfully applied over the last 45 years in the West Penn Burn Center.  Established in 1969, the West Penn Burn Center is a national leader in innovative wound care. As a valued community resource, the center treats more than 2,000 patients each year from Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and New York. We deliver high-quality comprehensive care — on both an inpatient and an outpatient basis — using the newest and most advanced technologies in the field.

We provide advanced wound healing for chronic, nonhealing and debilitating wounds, including some soft tissue disorders that strongly resemble burn injuries. To treat these wounds and disorders, we have wound specialists who provide advanced surgical techniques in combination with special skin healing products. Among the soft tissue disorders we treat are:
• Nonhealing wounds: open wounds that have not responded to traditional therapy and have not healed after 3 weeks
• Degloving injuries: a type of traumatic avulsion in which there is a large amount of skin lost
• Major road abrasions: from bicycle, motorcycle and auto accidents
• Frostbite: caused by localized damage to skin and other tissues similar to a burn injury
• Necrotizing fasciitis: a bacterial soft tissue infection affecting deeper layers of skin, subcutaneous tissue and fascia that can occur after some minor trauma to the skin allowing bacteria to invade — also called “flesh-eating disease”
• Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TENS): life-threatening skin disorders that are usually the result of a drug reaction
• Scalded skin syndrome: caused by infection with certain strains of bacteria in which the skin becomes damaged and sheds; usually seen in children
• Bullous pemphigus: blistering disease of the skin and mucous membranes
• Calciphylaxis: vascular calcification and skin necrosis
• Purpura Fulminans: a disease associated with severe bloodstream infection, often causing gangrene of portions of the extremities

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