Geriatric Medicine

Senior Care (Geriatric Medicine)

Within the next 25 years, the United States population will see its age 65+ population double in size. Already, Allegheny County and the surrounding tri-state area have one of the highest concentrations of elderly living in the U.S. This has created an increased demand for geriatric services as older persons cope with the physical and mental changes associated with aging. The Allegheny Health Network offers a variety of geriatric services designed to meet the varied and complex needs of the elderly. Our goal is to help seniors stay healthy and active—for as long as possible—and give their families peace of mind.


Home Visit Program

Many elderly persons are homebound, underprivileged and/or have a poor social support system. As a result, they are unable to access health care when they need it the most. Allegheny Health Network's Home Visit Program helps to keep patients healthy, making it easier for them to maintain some level of independence and continue living at home. One of our specialists visits patients at their homes and conducts a comprehensive evaluation. This specialist will assess the patient’s health and social/environmental support structure, then make a recommendation for appropriate services. Given the rising costs of health care today, home care visits provide quality care to the elderly, with considerably less cost burden.

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