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Supportive Care & Geriatrics

Geriatrics Pittsburgh Allegheny Health Network

Quality Supportive & Geriatric Care in Western Pennsylvania

Division of Supportive Care & Geriatrics at Allegheny Health Network

With the transition to the Allegheny Health Network, the Division of Palliative Medicine combined with Geriatrics to form the new Allegheny Health Network Division of Supportive Care & Geriatrics. With this exciting new change, the Allegheny Health Network now is positioned to provide excellence in clinical care for seniors and for those living with life-limiting illness across all care settings.

Our Mission

  • Provide excellent clinical care to seniors and to those living with life-limiting illness.
  • Cohesively provide continuous care across all care locations (such as acute hospital settings, outpatient clinics, home setting, SNF/facility setting)
  • Enhance the awareness and to affect culture change within our community to better the care of the frailest seniors as well as those with life-limiting illness.

Our Faculty & Providers

Geriatric Medicine Providers

Supportive Staff for Geriatrics

  • Gail Turner, CRNP
  • Matt Lavelle CRNP
  • Autumn Moss Corcoran, MA

Palliative/Supportive Care Providers

  • Elizabeth Chow, MD
  • Randy Hebert, MD
  • Jeff Gordon, MD
  • David Rickard, DO
  • Suzanne Labriolla, DO

Supportive Staff for Palliative/Supportive Care

  • Janice McNulty, CRNP
  • Diane Wilberger, CRNP
  • Colleen Setzenfand, CRNP
  • Alicia Zampogna-Simon, CRNP
  • Denise Coyle, CRNP
  • Renee Kerr, CRNP
  • Lisa Hilal, CRNP
  • Mark Thompson, MSW