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Sleep Medicine at Saint Vincent Hospital

A good night’s sleep is an easy thing to take for granted—unless it is something you just can’t seem to get. Snoring, restlessness, insomnia or excessive fatigue plague everyone at one time or another. Yet these problems and others cause continual unrest for more than 40 million people.
Saint Vincent Hospital's sleep medicine at Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center of NW PA can help you get a good night's sleep. One of only a few comprehensive sleep centers based in western Pennsylvania, we evaluate each patient for abnormal sleep patterns during a thorough sleep study in our comfortable, state-of-the-art facility.
In most cases, sleep disorders can be easily treated when properly diagnosed. Diagnosis occurs through monitoring and evaluating body functions during sleep, such as heart and respiratory activity, body movements and sleep patterns. Patients in the Saint Vincent Sleep Center have private rooms while technologists in an adjacent room
observe and record this activity with state of-the-art diagnostic equipment.
Our sleep physicians work with specialists in neurology, pulmonary medicine, otolaryngology and psychiatry to provide patients with the most thorough diagnosis and current treatments available. Treatment options can range from simple behavior modification, medication, assisted ventilation, dental devices, to surgery. Many of our patients report a dramatic improvement in their ability to get a restful night's sleep, with better alertness and more energy during the day.
The Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center is an accredited sleep center that provides patient appointments seven days a week.
The Sleep Center is located at:
Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center of NW PA
204 West 26th St Erie PA 16508
To schedule an appointment call 814.868.7581.