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Living Donor Kidney Program

Living Donor Program

Your donated kidney can save a life

The Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Living Donor Program

End the wait for a transplant candidate 

Almost 100,000 kidney transplant candidates in the United States live with uncertainty while waiting for an organ donation. For some, the transplant will help them live longer without the burden of kidney dialysis. Other patients are in need of a transplant to save their lives. In many cases, it can take up to five years for a kidney to become available.  

It is estimated that 18 people die each day while waiting for a life-saving transplant. This is because of the shortage of donated organs.

Where do donor kidneys come from?

Most kidneys for transplant come from deceased donors. There aren’t enough to fulfill the needs of everyone on the waiting list, however.

That’s why it is so vital to get kidneys from living donors. Each year, family, friends, and even anonymous donors who just want to help, donate a kidney for more than 6,000 transplants.

The AHN Living Donor Kidney Program needs you

Patients from across the region seek care from the AHN Transplant Institute because of our reputation for providing leading-edge treatment options, even for higher-risk patients. The AHN Living Donor Kidney Program depends on people like you to become an organ donor to benefit patients of the AHN Transplant Institute.

Our dedicated living donor team focuses solely on transplant patients, donors, and their families. They work to match patients on the waiting list with viable donors. They also ensure the health, safety, and recovery of each living donor so the donor can quickly return to a full and active life after surgery.

Learn more about becoming a donor by calling 412-359-4441.

The National Kidney Registry

The AHN Transplant Institute is a proud member of the National Kidney Registry (NKR), the largest living donor pool in the world. The NKR has arranged for more transplant exchanges than any other program in the world.

When considering becoming a donor, many people first want to know if they are a “match” for the person they want to receive their organ. With the NKR you do not need to be a match to donate an organ that benefits your recipient. If you are a willing donor, the AHN Transplant Institute coordinates with the NKR to arrange a paired donation.

A paired donation is when you donate your kidney to an unknown recipient in exchange for a compatible kidney donation to your friend or family member. Often, these paired donations are part of a larger chain of donations initiated by a “Good Samaritan” or a non-directed donor.

Non-directed donors are people who wish to donate, but have no specific recipients in mind. Or, they may set out to help one particular person, but end up starting a donation chain that can help many people in need. A non-directed donor started the largest chain of donations ever constructed. The AHN Transplant Institute participated in this life-changing event.

If you are interested in becoming a kidney donor and would like to know if you are eligible, sign up for an online screening.

Interested in becoming a kidney donor?

Get pre-screened now

After you complete our quick pre-screening, we will send you an email with details on how to continue the process of becoming a donor. If you meet our general eligibility criteria, the email will include a link to more detailed questions about your medical history.

Once you submit your answers, a transplant team member will contact you for further evaluation and to answer your questions. Donors must be between 18 and 70 years of age.