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Bone Density Screening at Jefferson Hospital

Jefferson Hospital understands that our patient's bone health is important to their quality of life. As our patients age, their bones can weaken and make the patient more prone to fractures, which are harder to heal from at an older age. The earlier we diagnose osteoporosis, the earlier we can treat it.  

Bone problems aren't only associated with older adults. Sometimes children will have growth abnormalities or skeletal problems and require a bone density scan (DEXA). Jefferson Diagnostic Services offers pediatric DEXA scans at two locations, the Jefferson Medical Arts Building and at Bethel Park - 1010 Higbee Drive.  

Jefferson offers the following bone density tests:


  • Used to test bone density to see if you are at risk for osteoporosis
  • Osteoporosis is most common in post-menopausal women and doctors typically order a bone scan every 2 years for these patients.
  • Early detection of osteoporosis can help patient’s obtain early treatment, prevent osteoporosis related fractures and improve their quality of life.

Vertebral Fracture Assessment:

  • This exam looks at individual bones to see if any have abnormal shape that could be causing you problems.
  • Doctors may order this test if you have height loss of more than 1.5 inches, stooped posture, a previous fracture or unexplained back pain

Pediatric, Whole Body DEXA Scan 

  • Checks bone density by scanning entire body due to undeveloped skeletal system
  • Doctors may order this test for your child if he or she is showing signs of rickets, has growth problems, malnutrition diseases or has had multiple fractures

Jefferson Hospital’s offers DEXA services at several convenient locations throughout the South Hills. Our radiologists are certified and highly experienced. We understand that you are anxious to receive your results and our goal is to return your test results to your physician the next business day.

Jefferson's diagnostic locations offering Bone Density Testing:

Bethel Park - 1010 Higbee Drive
Brentwood Professional Plaza

Century III Medical Building
Charleroi Medical Center
Jefferson Medical Arts Building
South Hills Medical Building
Waterfront Medical Building

To schedule an appointment at any of our diagnostic locations, call 412.469.5234.

Free Bone Density Screenings

Jefferson Diagnostic Services offers several free bone density screenings throughout the year. This initial screening uses a portable bone density machine and tests the heel of your foot. This test is not as precise as the traditional DEXA scans at our diagnostic locations above, but it helps to give you a general range of your bone density. This range can help you identify if you have a need for a traditional DEXA scan.  

To locate a free screening near you, contact Community Programs at 412.469.7100 or check our online calendar of events.

Additional Resources

If you have concerns about your bone density, learn more about how Jefferson's Osteoporosis Program can help you strengthen your bones.