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STAR Center Training

Patient Safety: One Room at a Time is an online course on clinical safety environment assessments designed for all health care providers, expanding from the research of Birnbach, Bennett, Shekhter, Taylor and Darzi (2011). This course will be offered on the learning management system, HealthStream. There will be three main components of this course: students’ explorations of virtual environments, a PowerPoint presentation, and the explorations of virtual environments again.

Students will begin the course by entering into a virtual clinical environment that is full of patient safety hazards and they will be asked to document all of the hazards that they can identify. Students will be permitted to spend a maximum of eight minutes in this virtual setting. They will be asked to document all of the identified safety hazards. After the students have completed this assessment, they will then access a PowerPoint presentation on safety hazards. The PowerPoint will unveil potential hazards as well as methods to prevent them. After viewing the presentation, the students will reenter the virtual clinical environment and again document all of the patient safety hazards that they identify. As students examine the room for the second time after viewing the PowerPoint presentation, it is expected that they will be able to locate more patient safety hazards.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify patient safety hazards in the clinical environment
  • Recognize the importance of assessing the environment for potential and existing safety hazards
  • Implement appropriate interventions to ensure a safe clinical environment

Expected Outcomes:

  • Learners will be more cognizant of patient safety hazards in the clinical environment
  • Learners will be knowledgeable about how to prevent these safety hazards.


  • All health care providers

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STAR Center VR Training room

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