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Introducing Video Visits from Allegheny Health Network (AHN) 

Sometimes you’re too busy to go to the doctor. Sometimes you just don’t feel like leaving the house.  You shouldn’t have to.  With Video Visits, you can connect with an AHN clinician for an interactive, real-time video appointment to get help for immediate, non-emergency symptoms like cough, sinus problems, or back pain.  Discuss your symptoms with a health care professional and get the quick diagnosis you need so you can go on with your day.

Video Visits are available exclusively through MyChart for adults 18 and older.

With Video Visits, you get:

  • Fast access to AHN providers, 7 days a week, using the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, or using the web browser on any device
  • Easy, hasslefree scheduling
  • Prescriptions provided as needed

Care that’s only a click away is #LivingProof.

To schedule a Video Visit online:

  1. Login to MyChart from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.
  2. From the Visits tab, select Virtual Care.
  3. Check the box to verify you are in the state of Pennsylvania.
  4. Click Schedule a Video Visit to schedule up an appointment.

To schedule a Video Visit through the MyChart app:

  1. From the MyChart app, select the Appointments button.
  2. Tap the Schedule an Appointment button.
  3. Select Mobile Virtual Visit to schedule an appointment.

Have questions? Check out our Video Visits FAQ’s.