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Skin Cancer

Your Cancer Is Thin Skinned. We’re Not.

Skin Cancer Care at Allegheny Health Network

People have been worshiping the sun since time began. We grill outdoors, go to the beach and bask outside for hours under the glorious rays under our great, natural sustainer of life. Unfortunately, working on that tan, and absorbing too many UV rays, while not giving yourself adequate protection can often lead to some form of skin cancer.

Skin cancer (basil cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma) is one the most common of all human cancers, affecting over 3 million Americans each year. There are many theories as to the direct cause – being thin skinned is not one of them - but the two most recognized factors are the changes to our ozone layer and the rise in popularity of indoor tanning.

The good news is that if skin cancer is caught in its early stages, you can beat it. Here at the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute we expertly diagnose and treat all forms of skin cancer and are constantly working to develop minimally invasive ways to fight and cure the various forms of this disease. In fact, we now offer Mohs Micrographic Surgery – a technique that allows doctors to remove the cancerous tissue while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue.

To better set-up and coordinate your personalized treatment plan, our cancer care team, along with your 24/7 Care Navigator, will work to support your challenges, and help you better manage your emotions while listening to all of your concerns.

This combined focus accomplishes our simple mission: To deliver the highest quality resources, including a dedicated multidisciplinary team of cancer doctors, combined with innovative procedures, technologies and medicines, to demonstrate our total commitment to patient-centered care.

Click on the links below to learn more about the types of skin cancer, our prevention guidelines, and how we diagnose and treat it at the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute.

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