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Cancer Institute

Your Community for Compassionate Cancer Care

Cancer. When it comes to your health, it’s the one word you never want to hear. That's why at the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute we provide care that's patient centered and focused on restoring your healthy well-being.

With patient centered care – comprised of seven hospitals and more than 50 Cancer Institute clinics serving patients in western Pennsylvania, Erie, West Virginia, and Ohio – you’re at the center of everything we do, and it’s why we bring the highest quality care directly to you, right where you live.

Allegheny Health Network is breaking new ground through innovative clinical trials, and our renowned doctors provide high quality, compassionate care for every type of cancer, including yours.

We've recently opened an Extended Hours Oncology Clinic at West Penn Hospital, so you can get care for your treatment side effects when you need it most.

Finally, we're also proud to announce our participation, in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, in the Highmark Cancer Collaborative to further best practices, including diagnosis and treatment of all cancers. Among its many benefits, the collaborative will help remove many barriers to patients' access to care, offer early stage clinical trials and second opinions for patients with rare and complex cancers, and make it more convenient for your care to be more personal, close to home in the community where you live.

Meet Mary

Stage 3 lung cancer. It brought Ed's sweetheart, Mary, some bad days, but she and her husband fought through them for better ones. Health for Mary meant the Allegheny Health Network screening that found the tumor before any signs or symptoms. 

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Navigation Team

With Navigation Team, Allegheny Health Network eliminates much of the fear and uncertainty associated with cancer. We’ll schedule you appointments, help you understand your symptoms and treatment options, and assist you with your paperwork and follow-up needs.

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Support Services

Beyond treating the cancer, we are here to ease your pain, boost your spirits, listen to your concerns, and strengthen your overall wellbeing.

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Clinical Trials

Allegheny Health Network is at the forefront of many groundbreaking cancer research studies.

In particular, NSABP (the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project, which is based on the Allegheny General Hospital campus) has been the gateway to some of the most promising research in breast and colon cancers.

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