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Cancer Centers & Clinics

When you turn to Allegheny Health Network for cancer treatment, you have access to innovative, personalized care, without having to travel far. Our 2 regional academic centers, 7 comprehensive cancer centers, and 14 community-based clinics offer exceptional, expert care close to home. These local treatment centers help patients avoid the stress of commuting long distances to city hospitals. And through a $200 million investment by Highmark Health, we are building even more clinics in western Pennsylvania to increase your care options. At our regional academic centers at Allegheny General and West Penn Hospitals, eligible patients can receive the latest evidence-based treatments for all types of cancers. And at our seven Comprehensive Care Centers, you can get the full spectrum of cancer services, from diagnosis through recovery.

  • 2 Regional Academic Centers
  • 7 Comprehensive Centers
  • 14 Community-based Clinics

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AHN Cancer Institute has developed a unique approach to cancer care rooted in discovery, innovation, and collaboration. So we are investing $80 million to build a new academic cancer center at Allegheny General Hospital to keep bringing cancer care advancements to our patients well into the future. It will feature clinical trials — some in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Medicine — pioneering research and emerging treatments and technologies for patients throughout western Pennsylvania.


The Cancer Institute

Nothing strikes at the heart like hearing the word “cancer.” At the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Cancer Institute, we understand that cancer affects all aspects of your life. That’s why we provide care for the whole person, combining deep expertise with a compassionate, patient-centric approach.

“It wasn’t until I met with Dr. Duggal that I understood it was treatable, not fatal. She was more than a doctor. She became like family to me.”- Shanthi Drescher, Patient

The AHN Cancer Institute has developed a leading-edge care model that sets us apart from other cancer institutes. We have reinvented how cancer care is delivered. The typical approach to cancer care can leave patients exhausted and sometimes bankrupt by the time they are cured. Our method focuses on reducing stress for patients, lowering costs, and improving outcomes. It also involves building on our elite-level relationships and investing in new treatment centers as we continue to offer services closer to home.

Recognized expertise

Having access to top-rated cancer care improves the likelihood of the best possible outcome for you. AHN Cancer Institute doctors pioneer groundbreaking advances in cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatments for all kinds of cancers. These experts are respected leaders of national organizations with connections to world-class researchers.

For example, AHN Cancer Institute experts work closely with researchers at the renowned Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. This collaboration gives patients with rare and complex cancers more options for treatment, including second opinions, and streamlined and guided access to clinical trials. Through a meeting of the brightest minds in cancer, doctors from the AHN Cancer Institute and the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center work together to determine a care plan that’s right for you.


Supportive, compassionate care for the whole person

We also understand that healing goes beyond your physical health – it’s about emotional wellness, too. With AHN, you get access to our support services plus the peace of mind you’re getting state-of-the art care that’s convenient and affordable. We integrate the latest treatments, technologies, and clinical trials into community care close to home. You don’t have to go far for top-notch care at one of our regional academic centers, 7 comprehensive cancer centers, and 14 community-based clinics. To help control costs, we’ve joined with the Highmark Cancer Collaborative to improve our administrative processes as well. We reward doctors based on the quality of care they provide instead of the quantity. And, our coordinated, multispecialty care model reduces wait time and duplication of tests. For you, this means more convenient, affordable care, and better outcomes.

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You are not alone: a team to help guide you through cancer treatment

We focus on your comfort throughout treatment. Our Navigation Team works one-on-one with you and your family to explain treatments, answer questions, and provide guidance. Oncology social workers help you navigate the emotional challenges related to cancer treatment. And if you need treatment after your doctor’s office is closed, you can visit our After Hours Oncology Clinic. By visiting the clinic instead of an emergency room or hospital, you can get the specialized care you need and avoid exposure to infections. At the AHN Cancer Institute, innovation meets compassion.

Support services

If you find out you have cancer, your emotions take over. Your concerns go far beyond your treatment schedule. That’s why we offer services to help boost your spirits, ease your pain, and answer your questions.

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Cancer Help Line

If you or a loved one has cancer, you shouldn’t have to face it alone. We know that your worries come at all hours of the day or night — and not always when the doctor is in. That’s why Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Cancer Institute oncology nurses are here to answer your questions anytime, day or night, 24/7.

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Clinical trials

AHN specialists lead the NSABP Foundation, the world’s preeminent breast cancer center research program, and one of the world’s largest focusing on breast cancer clinical trials.


Navigation Team

With our Navigation Team, we eliminate much of the fear and uncertainty associated with cancer. We’ll schedule your appointments, help you understand your symptoms and treatment options, and assist you with your paperwork and follow-up needs.

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