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Reproductive Medicine

The AHN Center for Reproductive Medicine offers fertility treatments and services that can help start and grow families.

AHN Center for Reproductive Medicine
North Fayette Health + Wellness Pavilion
200 Quinn Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

We help make parenthood possible.

At AHN, we know that everyone's journey to parenthood is different. The AHN Center for Reproductive Medicine in North Fayette can help you start or grow your family. 

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AHN Center for Reproductive Medicine

Located in the new North Fayette Health + Wellness Pavilion, the AHN Center for Reproductive Medicine provides comprehensive fertility care with clinical offices, an outpatient surgery facility, and a dedicated entrance for fertility patients.

AHN Reproductive Medicine

We offer fertility treatments and services to both individuals and couples, including heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, and single-intending parents. 

  • Conditions we treat

    Learn more about reproductive health conditions that can impact fertility and prevent someone from achieving pregnancy — and how AHN can help.

  • Treatments we offer

    AHN offers a wide variety of fertility-related treatments and services that support many different journeys to parenthood, whether you’re ready now or just planning ahead.

  • Diagnosing fertility concerns

    There are many diagnostic tests that can provide answers about your fertility, including blood tests, ultrasounds, X-rays, and semen analysis.

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Your reproductive medicine journey

Fertility testing and treatment can feel overwhelming. The process can take time and require patience while waiting for answers or next steps. Learn how our process works and what to expect as we help you achieve your family-building goals.

Reproductive medicine glossary

The world of reproductive medicine has many complicated words and acronyms. We’ve covered some of the most important ones you should know.

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Connect with MyChart

AHN patients can message their doctor, view test results, request prescription renewals, and pay medical bills — all from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.