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Leadership Rounding

Leadership Rounding

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This is a four-hour course designed to develop Leadership Rounding skills. Leaders will learn how to establish meaningful relationships with patients, their families, physicians, and staff. These effective relationships will be built on trust, leading to openness and a reduction of communication barriers. The rapports that leaders are expected to establish will help the patients, their families, physicians, and staff feel comfortable enough to share valuable information with the leaders and to communicate their needs. Leaders will participate in both didactic and skills practice sessions and will have opportunities to apply these skills in various rounding scenarios. Leaders will be able to self-reflect on their own rounding style, critically evaluating its strengths and weaknesses, while simultaneously receiving feedback from peers. Through this course, leaders’ rounding skills will be sharpened as they gain simulated experience. 

Learning Objectives

  • Assess own rounding style/approach
  • Understand various practical rounding skills designed to identity and address issues from patients, their families and other employees
  • Understand expectations related to leadership rounding
  • Practice applying the skills learned in different rounding situations

Expected Outcomes

  • Competently and confidently round on patients and their families
  • Follow-up appropriately with personnel regarding feedback received
  • Provide more personalized service


All interdisciplinary leaders