Work Your Way FAQs


How do I apply for one of these positions?

Apply through HR Services and Workday. It’s also a good idea to talk to your manager about your job interests in one of these programs.

Mobile Internal Staffing Team

What is the Mobile Internal Staffing Team?

The Mobile Internal Staffing Team is made up of perioperative and inpatient roles.

With this position, you will rotate to all AHN hospitals in Pennsylvania, which includes Allegheny General, Allegheny Valley, Canonsburg, Forbes, Grove City, Jefferson, Saint Vincent, West Penn, and Wexford.

What specific job roles are available on the Mobile Internal Staffing Team?

The perioperative roles include:

  • OR registered nurse 
  • PACU registered nurse 
  • Procedural registered nurse 
  • Surgical technician
  • Cath lab/electrophysiology technician 

The inpatient roles include registered nurses in specific clinic areas, including critical care, telemetry and medical surgery, and emergency medicine.

What are the Mobile Internal Staffing Team experience requirements?

To be eligible, you must have completed an RN training program, have an active PA RN license, and meet the minimum requirements of the position for which you’re applying. Two or more years of RN experience and prior travel experience is a plus.

All final hiring selections will be done by leadership.

What is the full-time equivalent (FTE) status of the Mobile Internal Staffing Team role, and will I be eligible?

Yes, you will be eligible.

  • FTE status is full time (0.9 FTE), nonexempt.
  • Employees will be eligible for AHN Health and Welfare Benefits in accordance with employment status as outlined in the governing AHN Flexible Benefit Plan document and summary plan description (SPD), including health insurance and PTO.
  • External hires are eligible for a sign-on bonus with a two-year commitment.

Will I receive travel reimbursement?

Yes, in some cases:

  • If traveling over 50 miles from your home, mileage will be reimbursed at 62.5 cents/mile.  
  • If traveling over 75 miles from your home, lodging will be reimbursed. 

Both are subject to change per the AHN Travel Policy.

How long will each rotation be?

It depends on your specific position:

Perioperative team members will not have a pre-set assignment length. You’ll be given your assignment with at least three days’ notice.

Inpatient team members will have six-week assignments, with the possibility of changes based on hospital staffing needs. You’ll be given your assignment with at least three days’ notice.

Can I choose the hospital where I want to work?

Unfortunately, no. Your assignment will be based on staffing needs. All Mobile Internal Staffing Team members will be expected to travel to all AHN hospitals in western Pennsylvania.

Weekend Warrior

If I work in the Weekend Program, and also work straight nights, will I get the extra night shift differential?

No, employees are only eligible to work in one program.

What is the FTE status of the Weekend Program and will I receive benefits?

  • FTE status is 0.6 FTE.
  • Weekend employees are eligible for the following benefits (the premium pay rate is used to calculate salary-based benefits):
    • Health, dental, and vision, as provided to full-time employees
    • Flexible spending accounts, as provided to full-time employees 
    • Short-term disability
    • Optional life insurance for employee and dependents 
    • Participation in cash balance retirement plan after working 1,000 hours
    • Tuition reimbursement, as provided to full-time employees 
    • Bereavement pay, up to a max of 12 hours, paid at the premium weekend rate
  • Weekend employees are not eligible for the following benefits: 
    • Long-term disability
    • Basic life and AD&D
  • You will also accrue PTO and can reach out to Talent Acquisition for additional PTO information.

What are considered weekend hours?

Between 7:00 PM on Friday and 7:30 AM on Monday.

Will I receive any additional shift or weekend differentials?

No, you receive a designated premium rate for all weekend hours worked. No additional shift or weekend differential will be applied.

Is there a minimum number of required weekend shifts I must work?

Yes, staff will work a minimum of 49 of 52 weekends per year to be inclusive of scheduled PTO and unexcused absences.

What happens if I don’t meet the minimum weekend shifts required?

If employees fail to meet the scheduling requirements for the Weekend Program over a period of two staffing schedules (two six-week schedules), they may be removed from the Weekend Program.

If I pick up additional hours during the week, will I still get the weekend rate?

No, weekend employees may work additional weekday hours at base rate, but cannot work more than 40 hours per week, unless approval is granted by the nurse manager/MHO/director/CNO. Each weekend staff will also have a secondary job built into Workday, which will be established with their base rate (defined according to current hiring scales at years of experience). Orientation, continuing education, and mandatory meetings will be paid at base rate.

Will I need to sign an agreement or commitment letter if I accept a Weekend position?

Yes, there is an agreement required in Workday that you will need to sign to ensure you have read and understand the Weekend Program guidelines for Non-Bargaining Hospitals.

What are the experience requirements for the Weekend Program?

A minimum of 2 years registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, surgical technician, or respiratory therapist experience within the previous 5-year period is required in order to be eligible for the Weekend Program. At manager’s discretion, current staff may move to the Weekend Program with only 1 year of experience. A minimum of 6 months experience within the previous 5-year period is required for patient care technicians, monitor techs, and unit secretaries.

Night Owl

Will my night shift differential change if I work rotating nights?

No, the increase in night shift differential will only be applicable to individuals who are hired to work in the Steady Nightshift Program.

Will I still receive my night shift differential if I have to work daylight shift for orientation or education like BLS or ACLS?

No, you will only receive your base rate and will not receive the steady night shift differential.

If I normally receive a weekend shift differential, will I still receive it on top of my steady night shift differential?

No, you will receive a designated premium differential for all steady night shift hours worked; no additional shift or weekend differential will apply.

Will my benefits and PTO change if I am awarded a Steady Nightshift position?

No, as long as your FTE status does not change.

What shift is considered a Steady Nightshift?

Night shift hours are dependent on your entity’s definition of night shift. Please check with your unit manager for defined night shift times.

If I apply and am awarded a Steady Nightshift position on my current unit, how will that affect my work schedule?

Beyond being scheduled steady night shifts, your unit’s current scheduling guidelines will still be in effect for weekend and holiday requests/rotation and other scheduling guidelines and requests. Schedules will still be developed in accordance with the local hospital’s Nursing Division practice.

What are the experience requirements for the Steady Nightshift Program?

To be eligible for the Steady Nightshift Program, staff must have unit experience and meet the minimum requirements of the position for which they are applying. Ultimate discretion will be held by leadership.