The Vitals - True Nurse Stories

Meet Marvel's newest heroes: Nurses

To honor the heroes of 2020, we partnered with Marvel to tell the true heroic stories of AHN nurses on the frontlines of COVID-19.

The Vitals — true nurse stories of courage

If AHN nurses taught us anything this year, it's that heroes do exist. Just ask their kids.

Children of nurses are no stranger to the sacrifice and commitment the pandemic has demanded of their parents. They've witnessed firsthand the physical and emotional toll their jobs have taken. Yet the role their parents play in this fight is not lost on them. Because it was their kids who saw them as heroes long before the world did.

So, to fully grasp the courage behind our AHN nurses, we spoke to those closest to them — their kids. And surprised them with a comic book portraying their parents as the heroes they are.

Our nurses are our heroes

Since the onset of COVID-19, more has been asked of nurses than ever before. And while many of us stayed home, they stepped up with courage, compassion, and care in our greatest hour of need. So, with 2020 declared the Year of the Nurse, AHN wanted to find a way to honor our own nurses and recognize them for what they truly are — heroes.

Nurse saying "we've got a job to do" Nurse driving an ambulance
Marvel comic panel nurses cases rising AHN Nurse reading marvel comic with sons

Real nurses, real stories

With the help of Marvel Comics, we brought real heroic stories from real AHN nurses to life in the form of a superhero comic book. Stories were collected from colleagues, patients and family members — anyone who experienced the undeniable resolve of our nurses firsthand. Marvel then took those stories and gave them the hero treatment. And just like that, "The Vitals" were born.

The Vitals - True Nurse Stories


The Vitals — True Nurse Stories

A comic book created by Marvel.

Inspired by the real stories of AHN nurses.

Calling all heroes

The need for heroes has never been greater. So, we're calling on you, the courageous, the compassionate, and the dedicated, who are looking to make a real difference in our community and this world with a career in nursing.

We welcome both new and experienced nurses who want to become a part of our award-winning healthcare team. You'll be able to advance your professional knowledge while providing compassionate patient care. Our nurses enjoy an education-rich environment where you're able to learn a wide range of new techniques while saving lives.

We're calling for heroes like you. The question is, will you answer?

Nurses hurrying to enter an operating room Nurse providing care to an elderly patient

Thank a hero

Help us honor our heroes in scrubs by taking a moment to share the comic book with friends and family on your own social channels. And be sure to tag the nurses in your life to let them know that they're your hero.

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