Ringing the Bell Celebrates the Last Day of Cancer Care

It took a community of nurses, doctors, and staff to keep Nancy optimistic about her cancer treatment. Some days, a kind touch or warm smile was the only thing that kept her going. When Nancy was able to ring the bell at Forbes Hospital after almost two years of radiation, chemo, and surgical treatments, everyone cheered her on. An approach that puts patients first is living proof that compassion is essential to recovery.

Cancer care to restore health

At the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Cancer Institute we treat patients from western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. The type of personalized care that motivated Nancy is available at:

  • Seven hospitals
  • More than 50 Cancer Institute clinics

The renowned doctors and nurses who encourage patients to reach their goals are why Allegheny Health Network is:

Oncology treatments

Patients at the AHN Cancer Institute benefit from numerous oncology treatment options. At AHN, cancer patients:

  • Receive the latest, evidence-based drug therapies
  • May get chemotherapy and radiation to shrink a tumor
  • May have minimally-invasive robotic surgery to remove a tumor
  • Have a nurse navigator to keep them on track and feeling positive

After weeks of radiation or chemotherapy, patients bond with each other, and draw strength from the nurses who provide support and comfort. Ringing the bell on the last day is the grand finale; a living proof milestone that everyone looks forward to.

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