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New mask policy at AHN facilities

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Surgical-type, N95, or KN95 face masks are now required within all AHN facilities. Cloth face masks are no longer permitted, as they do not provide the best level of protection against Coronavirus.

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Cancer Institute Locations

We're developing 21st century care models, programs, and facilities that place the health care needs and preferences of our patients at the center of everything we do.

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Innovative care within reach

With a brand-new research hub and more than 20 locations, we're driving the future of cancer care and delivering it at a location that's convenient for you.

Find an AHN Cancer Institute location near you

AHN brings comprehensive cancer care to communities throughout Western Pennsylvania, closer to where you need it.

Comprehensive Cancer Services

Allegheny Health Network offers breakthrough treatments at world-class oncology institutes. We're committed to your treatment and recovery.
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    Medical oncology

    Some types of cancer are treated with medicine, such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy. These types of drugs are given by mouth, injection, or intravenously.

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    Radiation oncology

    With a linear accelerator, focused beams of radiation target and destroy cancer cells while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue unharmed.

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    Surgical oncology

    Different types of minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery may be used to remove tumors or to diagnose, stage, and treat cancer.

Our New Research Hub

AHN researchers and physicians will test advancing technologies, diagnostic tools and treatments to implement throughout the AHN Cancer Institute community network when studies show they are safe and effective, including breakthroughs in genomic testing, immunotherapy regimens and targeted biologic therapies.

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Safety first. Always.

AHN is committed to heightened disinfecting and protection measures, so you can trust you'll be safe at our cancer institute locations. If you need care, you can come to us knowing we're taking every precaution to ensure you're seen quickly and safely.

An integrated cancer care team

At AHN, we know that with cancer care, one size doesn't fit all. We focus on a personalized treatment model that delivers world-class care, close to home.
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    Collaborative care

    The same old routine isn't how we do things. That's why we're collaborating with the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center to establish completely new best practices in cancer care.

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    Conveniently located

    You don't need to travel far from home for sophisticated, pioneering treatment options. Patients have local access to many of these revolutionary clinical trials close to home.

Navigating your Cancer Journey

We are with you throughout your journey, helping with the emotional aspects of your diagnosis.

Are you a Health Care Professional?

Find a location that works for your patient and refer to one of our dedicated specialists to support your patient on their oncology journey.