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About Your Stay at Canonsburg Hospital

Coronavirus Policy Updates

We have changed our visitor policies. Please note, the information on this page may not be accurate.

To supplement its medical, surgical, advanced diagnostic, and treatment services, Canonsburg Hospital offers patient care services that support strong focus on wellness and health improvement.

The patient care services links listed below address frequently asked questions regarding hospitalization and provide helpful resources for obtaining additional information.

Admission processes and precertification

The admission process is an important part of your hospitalization at Canonsburg Hospital. Through it, we gather vital information for your medical record and your insurance carrier. We also ask about your carrier's second surgical opinion or precertification requirements. We then can help you meet those requirements. If your insurance carrier requires precertification, you should call your carrier before admission or within 24 hours of an emergency admission to avoid a financial penalty. After we obtain your insurance information, we verify coverage with your insurance carrier.

Part of Canonsburg Hospital's mission is to provide necessary healthcare services regardless of an individual's ability to pay. Our Patient Financial representatives are prepared to help you if you are experiencing financial difficulty. They will attempt to identify any charges that may not be covered by your insurance and arrange an appropriate payment schedule for you. If you do not have insurance or your coverage is limited, the staff can identify other programs to help relieve your financial burden. (Please refer to the section titled "Charity Care").

If your hospital admission was scheduled in advance, an Admissions representative already has obtained your insurance information. If your hospital admission was not scheduled in advance, it is important that we complete the admission process quickly.

If you have not spoken with an Admission representative, please call the Admission Department at (724) 745-3906. Our representatives will help you by answering question regarding your insurance coverage.



Charges for your Canonsburg Hospital hospitalization depend on the length of stay and services rendered. A daily room charge is assessed for room and board services. Laboratory tests, radiology procedures, physical therapy, operating rooms and other services, as well as any special supplies, result in additional charges.

A complete hospital bill may not be available when you are discharged. An informational statement will be forwarded to you when the final bill is complete. This informational statement is marked, "Not for Insurance Purposes."

Canonsburg Hospital will submit a claim to your insurance carrier. Your carrier usually will provide you with an explanation of benefits (EOB) that shows amounts paid to the hospital. If your account is not paid in full, you may be billed for the outstanding balance.


In addition to hospital services, you will receive services from physicians during your stay at Canonsburg Hospital. These physicians will bill you or your insurance carrier separately for services provided. Besides your attending physician, you may receive bills from an Emergency Department physician (if you were admitted through Emergency), a radiologist (if you have x-rays), a cardiologist (if you have an EKG), a surgeon pathologist and anesthesiologist (if you have surgery), and any consulting physicians.

Case management services

The hospital now offers case management services for you and your family. Case managers coordinate your care. A registered nurse case manager will assess your needs and work closely with our hospital staff and your physician.

Our case managers will assess your needs upon admission to help ensure that you have access to the appropriate type of care.

Services are provided under the Utilization Management Department.

Financial assistance program

As a fundamental part of its mission, Allegheny Health Network is committed to providing treatment to anyone who turns to it for needed care, regardless of their ability to pay.

Should you have any questions regarding hospital bills during your stay or to find out more about AHN's Financial Assistance Program, please contact the hospital's financial counselor at (724) 873-5948.

If you have questions about your hospital bill after you are discharged, please call Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-547-0540.

Convalescent coach service

As another means to provide access to quality patient care, Canonsburg Hospital Ambulance Service offers Convalescent Coach Service as a safe and convenient non-emergency transport system.

The fully insured Convalescent Coach is staffed by a Pennsylvania state-certified emergency medical technician and equipped with oxygen. The coach can take two wheelchairs at a time, plus a passenger. You can use your own wheelchair or one of ours.

Transportation is available to and from:

Doctors' offices
Nursing homes
Personal care homes
Outpatient clinics
Rehabilitation centers
Managed healthcare providers
Radiation/oncology therapy
To schedule, call (724) 745-6911, 24 hours a day


Canonsburg Hospital's Nutritional Services staff is pleased to provide our Preferred Dining Program to our patients. Each day, a hostess will take the patient's order for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The patient may choose from the selections listed on the general diet menu or may make an alternate selection from a list that the hostess will provide. Please advise a floor nurse of any dietary restrictions or religious preferences you may have. The Nutritional Services Department will make every effort to offer foods that conform to your religious preference.

A patient's family member may also place a meal order with the hostess or by calling (724) 745-6100, extension 4101. A fee is charged.

The staff also will provide cakes to patients on their birthdays or anniversaries. Please ask a floor nurse to order a cake 24 hours before your special day.


Generally, a physician will notify you of your discharge the day before you go home. Most patients are discharged by 11 a.m. Please discuss discharge time with your physician so you may arrange for transportation.

On the day of discharge, your physician will write prescriptions for any medications you may need for continued recovery. He or she also may ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Before leaving the hospital, please do the following:

  • Look in the closet, bedside furniture and bathroom for personal items
  • Withdraw valuables from the Cashier's office
  • Obtain prescriptions from your physician and understand the instructions about medication, daily activities or diet
  • Check with the nurse about appointments or follow-up outpatient procedures your physician has scheduled for you
  • Stop by the Admissions Department to pay for telephone services

Discharge planning services

The discharge planner works closely with families and various social services agencies, personal care homes, nursing homes or rehabilitation centers in the community to coordinate access to resources.

Your family will receive information about all types of proposed care during the admission process, and discharge planners will work to provide continuity of care.

Services are provided under the Utilization Management Department.

Flowers and packages

Flowers and packages will be delivered directly to your room. Flowers and/or plants are not permitted in the Intensive Care Unit because they present a potential hazard to patients with lowered resistance to infection. Flowers or plants for patients in Intensive Care will be returned to the florist, who will contact the sender. When sending food items, please be aware that patients may be on a restricted diet.

Gift shop

Operated by the Canonsburg Hospital Women's Auxiliary, the Gift Shop offers a variety of gifts, toys, stationery, greeting cards, candy, and other items. Located on the first floor off the Main Lobby, the Gift Shop is open from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturday, and from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Sunday. Hospital volunteers also circulate a gift cart from which patients may buy small items.

Home care

Canonsburg Home Care provides comprehensive home health services for patients requiring care after discharge. Home Care personnel can provide medical services and supplies and arrange for health equipment to be delivered to the home.

Hospice is available for terminally ill patients under the care of an oncologist. Hospital nurses are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your physician can order Home Care and Hospice services.

Language interpreters

The hospital maintains a list of people fluent in sign and many foreign languages, including most European and some Asian languages. The nursing supervisor can arrange for an interpreter.


Mail is delivered once a day, Monday through Friday, from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM. Friends and relatives should use your full name and room number. The address for patient mail is: Canonsburg Hospital, 100 Medical Boulevard, Canonsburg, PA 15317. To send mail, give cards and letters to the nurse on your unit, who will place them in the mail drop.

Morning newspapers are available for sale during the week. To buy a newspaper, ask your nurse.

Medivan service

Area residents who need transportation to Canonsburg Hospital for testing or surgery can use our complimentary Medivan Service, operated by Canonsburg Hospital Ambulance Service. The service cannot accommodate patients in wheelchairs. To schedule transportation, call (724) 745-6911


Free parking is available for patients at all times and for their visiting family and friends. Patients planning to leave their cars in the lot during their hospitalization may wish to inform the staff.

Pastoral care

Canonsburg Hospital Pastoral Care Service assists patients and their families with their spiritual and emotional needs. The patient's church is notified of his or her admission upon request. A chaplain is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lay eucharistic ministers and priests distribute communion to Catholic patients every day. Other patients desiring sacramental ministries are invited to contact the chaplain.

A chapel for private meditation is located just off the Main Lobby. A lending library of inspirational books and tapes is available by calling the Pastoral Care Office at extension 4118.

Patient education materials

Teaching booklets indicating pre- and post-operative instructions are available for certain procedures. Ask your nurse or physician if there is a booklet for your particular medical condition, diagnosis, treatment or procedure.

Patient satisfaction survey

We value our patients' opinions regarding the quality of care and service provided by our staff. All inpatients who are discharged to home will receive a patient satisfaction survey in the U.S. mail. We encourage the completion of the survey - it is an important tool to help us improve service and enhance the quality of care.


During your hospital stay, nurses will administer medications ordered by your physician. Any medications you bring with you must be shown to the nurse. Such medications must be identified and listed on your chart for the physician's information. You may be asked to send the medications home with a family member or store them in the pharmacy.

The hospital's pharmacy does not fill prescriptions after a patient is discharged. Any prescriptions you take home should be filled by your local drug store.

Private duty nurses

You, your physician, or your family may request the services of a private-duty registered nurse. Licensed practical nurses and nurse aides also are available for private duty. The request should be directed to a nurse on your floor, who will submit a written request. The request will be honored if nurses are available. Patients or their families are responsible for paying for the services of a private-duty nurse.

Private rooms

Most rooms at Canonsburg Hospital are private. If a private room is not available and you request one, your name will be place on a waiting list. You will then be moved if a private room becomes available. To request a private room, please call the Admissions Office at (724) 745-3906.

Rehabilitation unit

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is located on 2-North in the hospital. The Rehabilitation Unit provides comprehensive therapy programs to assist patients in achieving their highest level of independence possible. For more information, call the Rehabilitation Unit Coordinator at (724) 745-3908.

Social work services

The services of professionally trained medical social workers are available to all patients and their families for crisis intervention, counseling, and discharge planning. Social workers can help you with problems that may arise during hospitalization or at the time of discharge. They can also help with transfer to a rehabilitation unit, if appropriate, a skilled nursing home, personal care home, or rehabilitation center.

Social workers also can provide you with counseling, emotional support, and information about community services and programs. If you would like to speak to a social worker, ask a nurse or your physician to arrange a meeting.



Telephone service for local calls is available at no charge. To place a local call, dial "8" and the telephone number you are calling.

Toll calls or long-distance calls should be made collect, charged to a credit card, or charged to the patient's home phone. To place such a call, dial "8" and wait for a dial tone. Then dial "0" and the telephone number you are calling. An outside operator will answer the line to help you.

To call a department extension within the hospital, dial only the last four numbers.


Television service is provided for all patients. Please ask your nurse for the cost of the service.


During your hospital stay, please send jewelry, credit cards, keys and other valuables home. We recommend your keep no more than $5 for items you may purchase during your stay. If you cannot send your valuables home, you should take them to the Cashier's office to be placed in the hospital safe. You will receive a receipt that must presented when you reclaim your valuables. If you forgot to deposit your valuable, a nurse can help arrange the deposit and obtain the receipt for you.