image of the exterior of West Penn Hospital

West Penn Hospital Awards

IBM Watson Health has once again named West Penn Hospital one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation — the sixth time we’ve been recognized.

We’re helping our patients be their best

We’re nationally acclaimed for our commitment to patient well-being and safety. Read on to find out more about West Penn Hospital’s accolades.

One of Pittsburgh’s most committed counted on one of the nation’s best.

Lee knew without addressing life-long obesity, life would pass her by. With bariatric surgery at West Penn Hospital, plus her unflagging persistence, she lost 143 pounds over three-and-a-half years. Now she’s training for a half-marathon.

One of Pittsburgh’s most skilled counted on one of the nation’s best.

When traditional leukemia treatments stopped working, Bob turned to experts at West Penn Hospital. After a complete stem cell transplant, he’s cancer free and back in his workshop doing what he loves—building and fixing things for others.    

One of Pittsburgh’s most determined counted on one of the nation’s best.

When Jacob suffered a severe burn that initially limited his ability to walk, he didn’t let it hold him back. He’s made a full recovery thanks to specialists at West Penn Burn Center—and persevered past his injury to play a new sport.

One of Pittsburgh’s most active counted on West Penn

Still energetic at 75 years old, Gloria loves yard work and walking at the Highland Park reservoir. A lymphoma diagnosis threatened to limit Gloria’s bustling lifestyle, but her West Penn doctors helped her keep moving — and beat cancer.

A history of excellent care

West Penn Hospital has an outstanding reputation for clinical care, excellence in nursing and exemplary patient outcomes.