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Primary Care South Expands Services

Primary Care South Expands Services

By Acacia Svonavec, Staff Writer

Patients can now benefit from osteopathic manipulation therapy (OMT) at the Primary Care South office in McMurray. Osteopathic manipulation is often compared to chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy; however, there is a key difference in the training of the physician. Colleen Murphy, DO, has trained to apply the underlying philosophy of osteopathic health care with comprehensive medical training in all systems of the body, thus setting the stage for how manipulative medicine can be used with each patient. OMT is hands-on care for musculoskeletal pain, including tension headaches; back, shoulder and neck pain; and many other extremity pains. The physician will use gentle pressure, resistance and stretching techniques to help relieve the pain.

The office also offers patients removal of impacted cerumen, more commonly known as ear cleaning. Ear wax build-up can cause unpleasant symptoms, including poor work function, hearing loss and perforated ear drums, which can be extremely painful. Robyn Stechly, CRNP, at Primary Care South, now performs the procedure by softening the cerumen with an oil-based solution and using one of a variety of techniques for removal, such as syringing or vacuuming.

The staff at Primary Care South welcomes questions about the new services and will assist you in making an appointment that is convenient for you. To learn more, please call 724.941.2018.