TF-CBT Triangle of Life Privacy Policy

The TF-CBT Triangle of Life (“TOL”) mobile application (app.) is maintained by Allegheny Health Network (“AHN”) and is offered in connection with a Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) treatment regimen. TOL is an interactive game which is designed to help children understand the connections between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Although children can be independent users of the TOL app., it is largely meant for use by clinicians during the course of their treatment relationship with children who have suffered a trauma. AHN does not market the TOL app. to children. As such, AHN does not intend for the TOL app. to be singularly directed toward children, nor does AHN ask for, collect, or track data about children. Parents are encouraged to review the TOL app. to ensure they deem it appropriate for their child(ren).

The TOL app. does not collect or store identifiable data about users. The only data gathering that occurs in connection with use of the TOL app. is game progress data, meaning that if a user completes certain steps of the game and then closes the app., the next time he/she opens the app. the game will resume without having to restart. This game progress data is stored locally on the device running the TOL app., which in most cases is an iPad or mobile device used at a clinician’s office during a treatment session. Game progress data can be cleared off of a device by navigating to the ‘options’ menu and selecting ‘clear data.’

Although the TOL app. does not collect or store identifiable data about users, the entity/service which hosts the app. (Apple or Google) may collect identifiable data, such as IP address, during the app. download process. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policies of Apple and Google to determine how those third parties may collect and use data.

AHN may receive reports from Google or Apple regarding the number of downloads of the TOL app. through their platform; such reports are anonymous and do not allow AHN to identify individuals, nor does AHN make any attempt to identify individuals.

AHN welcomes inquiries or questions about this Privacy Policy. You may contact AHN by email at or by mail at 120 Fifth Avenue Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, Attn: AHN Director of Data Ethics, Policy, and Privacy.