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Accessing Your W2 Form

Accessing Your W2 Form

Please be aware that all employees will still receive a printed W-2 in the U.S. mail. The on-line service is totally optional and is an additional way to view, print, and possibly upload your W-2 information.

You will need to register with ADP W-2 Services to have access to your W-2 statement.

Please follow these simple steps to register:

  1. Go to
    PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU REGISTERED LAST YEAR, CLICK ON THE LOGIN ICON - YOU DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN – Your User ID format will be XYyyyyy@WPAH (Where “X” is the first letter of your first name and “Y” is your last name. Please remember that it is WPAH and NOT WPAHS).
  2. Click “Register Now”
  3. Click “Register Now” again on the Welcome Screen
  4. Enter the Registration Pass Code WPAH-W2
  5. Select W-2 Services as the service
  6. The following information is required:

Your Name

Your full Social Security Number (xxx-xx-xxxx)

Employee ID# (Must be 10 digits) (ex: If your ID is 456789 you will need to enter 0000456789, if your ID is 1234 you would enter 0000001234)

Our Company Code which is V9A

Your zip code

The Tax Year (i.e., 2011 or 2012) 

You will be prompted to complete the registration process during which you will select a UNIQUE PASSWORD for security purposes.  Your password must contain between 8 and 20 characters with at least one alpha and one numeric character, and the password is case-sensitive. Additionally, you will be assigned a system generated User ID.

If you have questions, please call the WPAHS Payroll Department at 412-330-4720.