Genetic Testing in Autoimmune Disease Care

Your genes help physicians understand some aspects of autoimmune disease, including who develops a certain disease and why. At the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Autoimmunity Institute, we use genetic tests to help find diagnoses or better inform care.

Our team includes physicians who specialize in genetic disorders and autoimmune disease. We offer comprehensive care from these specialists and doctors from 14 other specialties.

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing uses a sample of your blood to identify certain chromosomes, genes, or proteins that can signal disease.

Specialized genetic testing for genetic disorders

We provide genetic testing, genetic counseling, and care management recommendations. Our expertise helps inform care for known or suspected genetic disorders that affect people with autoimmune disease. Along with unexplained symptoms, we help patients with:

  • Dermatologic genetic disorders, which cause unusual rashes and other skin symptoms
  • Genetic connective tissue disorders, which cause inflammation of the body’s connective tissues, such as joints
  • Neurologic and neuromuscular disorders, which affect how your nerves communicate with your muscles
  • Periodic fever syndromes, which cause chronic fevers due to inflammation in the body
  • Unexplained intellectual disability, which involves learning challenges
  • Unexplained dysmorphology, which involves birth defects

A new approach to genetics and autoimmune disease care

Our new approach to autoimmune disease care is improving the lives of our patients. Choosing the Autoimmunity Institute for care means you’ll experience our:

  • Skilled specialists, which include board-certified physicians from 15 different specialties — all working together to provide comprehensive care for people with common and complex autoimmune diseases
  • Focus on research that helps us provide you with the latest diagnostic tests and treatments for a wide range of autoimmune conditions
  • Coordinated care that takes the logistics of your health, such as organizing medical records, off your hands
  • Updated facility, where you are surrounded by uplifting photographs and world-class physicians devoted to your health
  • Convenient setup where you can see multiple autoimmune specialists in one centralized location

Autoimmunity Institute:
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