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Connie's Story

Bariatric surgery transformed her life
even after losing hope

Connie White's life was turning into a nightmare. For 12 years, she sought help for hernia issues, as well as other health-related troubles. But her medical problems continued to escalate to the point that her life was in danger.

“I was running out of hope until I met Dr. Eid,” said Connie. “He found a solution for my problems and gave me back my life." George M. Eid, MD, an Allegheny Health Network surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive hernia surgery and bariatric procedures, remembers his first encounter with Connie.

“Connie was in great despair,” he said. “She had gone through many previous surgeries to repair abdominal hernias caused by a hysterectomy. But she continued to experience a number of complications, including pain, infections and weakness. Connie also became morbidly obese, which put her at risk for diabetes and heart problems.”

Dr. Eid then told Connie he had a two-step approach to solving her problems.

“I recommended a sleeve gastrectomy,” said Dr. Eid. “Through this bariatric surgery procedure, Connie would lose a substantial amount of weight. That would also make it easier to repair her hernias.”

For the first time in many years, Connie saw a ray of hope.

“Dr. Eid’s plan made a lot of sense,” she said. “I felt that a sleeve gastrectomy was my best option for a permanent solution. I also felt reassured by Dr. Eid’s calm, compassionate demeanor. He patiently answered all of my questions and gave me encouragement.”

Dr. Eid, who was one of the first surgeons in the country to do a sleeve gastrectomy, performed Connie’s surgery on January 24, 2013. During this procedure, Dr. Eid removed a portion of Connie’s stomach and reformed her stomach into a tube-like structure that was 80 percent smaller.

Connie made a successful recovery and lost 140 pounds. Before long, her health problems began to improve. Then on June 16, 2014, Dr. Eid successfully repaired Connie’s hernias during surgery at an Allegheny Health Network hospital. Today, Connie’s life has changed dramatically. She has resumed her favorite activities, such as gardening and playing with her granddaughter. In addition, she is back to teaching eighth grade science at Wilmington Area Middle School.



“My quality of life is much better,” said Connie, a resident of New Wilmington. “I’m more active and feel great. I’m so grateful to Dr. Eid for restoring my health.”

To be referred to a surgeon who specializes in bariatric or hernia surgery at Allegheny Health Network, call 412.DOCTORS (412.362.8677).