Cancer Institute

Expertise, Innovation and Teamwork
Lead to Exceptional Outcomes

Every day, our world-class cancer experts are giving many people many more tomorrows by preventing, detecting and beating cancer with incredible success and in a genuinely compassionate way. The AHN Cancer Institute is a leading oncology program where cancer care quality is the top 10 percent nationally. As one of the most integrated and innovative oncology programs in the United States, we collaborate with other national experts and research groundbreaking clinical trials to ensure that our patients experience exceptional outcomes. And our patient-focused approach to care helps each patient who walks through our doors to feel reassured, comforted and supported at every step along their journey. 

Why the Cancer Institute?

We are among the top oncology programs in the country for implementing best practices in caring for our patients and for having optimal survival rates and outcomes for every type of cancer. Comparion Medical Analytics rates us in the top 10 percent in the country for our quality of care, according to its 2016 National Quality Rating Database. And U.S. News and World Report's 2015 data shows that Allegheny General Hospital and West Penn Hospital have the best combined scores for survival rates and patient safety of any cancer program in the region. 
Our Cancer Institute physicians assembled from around the globe are the finest oncology experts who develop treatment plans based on years of expertise and evidence-based success. Our accreditations include the most challenging to attain by meeting rigorous criteria, including:
Ensuring that we provide you with the safest and highest level of care, we offer the most innovative treatments and technology available anywhere. Our experts are trailblazers at improving long-term survival with novel early detection methods. We’re radiating cancers so precisely that many patients are cancer-free with few side effects, and we are using highly advanced chemotherapy to shrink tumors to an operable state. And cancers are now being removed from even the most delicate locations with our game-changing minimally invasive and robotic surgeries
Multidisciplinary approach 
We treat cancer from every possible angle by assembling a multifaceted team of AHN oncology experts, from different disciplines, each with unique skills and knowledge, to determine the best approaches for treating you – and the disease. Our surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists and healthcare staff collaborate to ensure that your extremely personalized care plan leads to the most positive outcome.
Progressive research and clinical trials
The AHN Cancer Institute is putting the pieces in place to the complex cancer puzzle, discovering how to better prevent, diagnose and treat the disease. We currently have more than 200 active clinical trials that include drug and device trials, gene therapy and cell transplant research. The institute has direct access to numerous other clinical trials through its collaboration with the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Medicine, and we're also active in the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) clinical trials. Allegheny General Hospital is the headquarters for the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP), one of the largest NCI-funded programs, which has helped to establish current standards of care, improve treatments and minimize side effects for breast and colorectal cancer patients.
Focus on you 
By caring for all of your needs and not just the disease, we are moving cancer treatment to a new dimension. With our expansive patient-focused services, our oncologists plan your care to minimize your side effects, 24/7 care navigators keep your treatment on track, nutritionists maintain your strength, physical therapists work your muscles and counselors support your emotional roller coaster. Our Cancer Institute team works diligently to ensure that each of your needs is met on your journey to recovery.
Care close to home 
You can receive all forms of cancer care at any of our seven hospitals and more than 50 Cancer Institute Centers located in several western Pennsylvania communities, as well as in Erie, West Virginia and Ohio. This vast –  and very accessible – network allows us to give you exceptional cancer care and the comfort, security and convenience of being close to home.   

*Comparion® Medical Analytics, 2016 National Quality Rating Database.