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Kidney and Pancreas Transplant

Kidney and pancreas transplant at Allegheny Health Network

From dialysis to donation: transplants offer a second chance at life

At the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Transplant Institute, we understand the urgency of finding donor organs for patients on the transplant list. Established in 1987, the AHN Transplant Institute has been growing steadily, and our outcomes are some of the best in Pennsylvania. To help match patients awaiting a transplant with potential donors, we are:

The reality of life on dialysis

Patients on kidney dialysis spend a minimum of 12 hours every week hooked up to machines. Not only does their quality of life suffer, but, in many cases, they spend their days battling fatigue. Many people on dialysis are also on the waiting list to receive a kidney transplant. The average wait time of three to nine years can be emotionally and physically draining for patients.

We put your needs first

When you come to the AHN Transplant Institute, you will receive personalized, compassionate care from a specialized team of experts. We work together to provide you with the best possible outcome. By meeting regularly to discuss your treatment plan, we are able to avoid duplicate tests, which can save you time and money. Care teams include:

  • Transplant surgeons
  • Transplant nephrologists
  • Transplant psychiatrists
  • Transplant pharmacists
  • Social workers
  • Dietitians
  • Transplant nurse coordinators
  • Other healthcare professionals

Advanced options in antirejection medications

If you have an organ transplant, you will be required to take antirejection medications every day for the rest of your life. Certain Transplant Institute patients may qualify for leading-edge drug therapy, including:

  • Novel immunosuppressive agents such as belatacept
  • Steroid-free antirejection medications that don’t have as many negative side effects as medications with steroids

Access to clinical trials

Through the AHN Transplant Institute, you will have access to the latest medical innovations. Our experts conduct extensive research and arrange clinical trials to continually improve treatment options for our patients. Our advancements have led to improved acceptance and function of transplanted organs (also called “grafts”) in our patients.