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Major League Care for the Pittsburgh Pirates - Harrison Ultrasound

Major League Care for the Pittsburgh Pirates - Harrison Ultrasound


Major league baseball players push their bodies to the limit. Unfortunately, some will push a little too hard and get hurt during the long 162-game season. When any of the Pittsburgh Pirates get injured, they rely on Allegheny Health Network (AHN) for major league care. AHN is the team’s official medical provider. Players who work as hard during rehab as they do in the game are #LivingProof.

In 2016, Francisco Cervelli and Josh “J-Hay” Harrison both spent time on the disabled list. Cervelli, a catcher for the Pirates, broke his hand taking a mighty swing when he was up to bat. Harrison, a second baseman, strained his right groin muscle while running bases after hitting a two-run double. In both cases, they turned to AHN orthopaedic specialists to quickly get the treatment they needed.

Back in the lineup

AHN orthopaedists knew exactly how to repair the broken bone in Cervelli’s hand. Their care and expertise allowed him to return to the lineup two weeks ahead of schedule.

“We were able to do an immediate scan at Allegheny General Hospital and get a diagnosis,” said chairperson of AHN’s department of orthopaedic surgery Patrick DeMeo, MD.  He is also medical director for about 100 members of the Pirates organization. 

The next day, he joined AHN physician Edward Birdsong, MD, one of the top hand surgeons in the country, in the Allegheny General Hospital operating room. Dr. Birdsong removed a fractured hook of the hamate bone from Cervelli’s left hand.

Safe at home

Edward Snell, MD, an AHN sports medicine specialist and a team physician for the Pirates, tended to Harrison’s injured groin. He used ultrasound to analyze the severity of the injury. The results showed no disruption of the muscle, which was good news. Snell prescribed rest and rehabilitation to help J-Hay recover.

Because of AHN’s highly specialized and advanced levels of orthopaedic care, both athletes have fully healed. They are now helping the Pirates compete for a winning season. Cervelli is snapping up fast balls and J-Hay is stealing bases.

Getting you back in the game

Athletes of any age or ability can call 412-DOCTORS for the same level of care at AHN’s seven hospitals and 17 orthopaedic rehabilitation centers across western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. AHN offers innovative surgeries, minimally invasive procedures, and advanced rehabilitation to help patients recover faster and with less post-operative pain.

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