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Sports Medicine Technology Clears Runner for Take Off

Sports Medicine Technology Clears Runner for Take Off


Angela loves to run, so when a knee injury put her on the sidelines, she turned to the experts at the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Sports Complex at Cool Springs in Bethel Park, PA. It’s the newest addition to AHN’s Orthopaedic Institute.

After surgery and follow-up physical therapy, Angela’s trainer had her running on an anti-gravity treadmill. It uses technology developed by NASA.

Today she’s back to running pain free, and has improved her half-marathon time. Angela is living proof that for a committed athlete, supported by caring professionals and space age technology, the sky’s the limit. 

Anti-gravity running assistance

The innovative technology that Angela used to rehab her knee allows athletes to train harder and safer when gaining strength and flexibility after a sports-related injury. Developed by AlterG®, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill® Pro 200 cushions impact and decreases strain by taking the weight off the joints, so that athletes can push the limits of their performance. The Pro 200 helps athletes:

  • Develop improved fitness and confidence after an injury
  • Achieve a higher level of conditioning without added joint stress
  • Automate training programs and track progress

Sports Performance at AHN

AHN’s Sports Performance program is designed to help active adults, developing youth, and performing athletes reach their fitness goals. Sports Performance training can be done at the AHN Sports Complex at Cool Springs in Bethel Park or at the Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion. It includes:

  • Physical therapy and sports rehabilitation
  • Sport/position specific strength training
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Sports nutrition education
  • Specialized swimming and training pool  (Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion)

Specialty seasonal programs also include:

  • Strength training for endurance athletes
  • In-season arm care
  • ACL integrity program
  • Summer/winter athletic development

A performing athlete’s perspective

Frank Velasquez Jr., ATC, CSCS, director of AHN’s Sports Performance program, is a certified athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning specialist. He also spent 16 years in professional baseball, nine of them as the Pittsburgh Pirates’ head strength and conditioning coach.

“Allegheny Health Network’s world class sports performance facilities in Bethel Park and Wexford provide an all-encompassing, elite experience to meet the needs of teams and athletes of all ages to help them achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle,” said Velasquez.

AlterG® and the Anti-Gravity Treadmill® are registered trademarks of AlterG®, Inc.

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Supporting Story

New to running, Angela injured herself without knowing it. In pain, she turned to the experts at AHN Sports Complex at Cool Springs for help.