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The Clean Team at Wexford Hospital

Patients and visitors at AHN Wexford Hospital have a friend in Katie Shreve. As a floor tech and first shift lead in the hospital’s Environmental Services department, she focuses on safety and cleaning. She’ll also be happy to take you to where you need to go, so you don’t get lost on the way.

“My bosses lead by example,” she said of the Environmental Services leadership team. “They’re not the type to point a finger and say, ‘Go do this.’ They say, ‘Hey, let me show you how to do this.’”

In describing the best job she’s ever had, Katie praises the 30 other individuals who are tasked with keeping Wexford Hospital clean and safe, a team who became very visible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone who stays at Wexford Hospital gets a clean room, a tidy visiting area, and safety from germs. It’s part of a great customer experience and helps protect community health. During the first years of the pandemic, AHN’s advertising about the importance of cleanliness brought more attention to meeting these standards.

“Clean is clean,” Katie declared. “We are always going to do it the same way. It’s just letting people know it’s as clean as they need and want it to be.”

“We’re still aware of the precautions related to the pandemic. We’re getting through it together and we’re grateful.”

Why working hard is still important

So how does Katie make sure AHN Wexford Hospital always shines brightly? You might be able to ask her 12-year-old son, whom she and her wife adopted at age 6. Katie says he’s always curious about what his mom does.

“I show him pictures of a machine with nobody in it,” she explained. “And then we’ll go on YouTube and look up these videos and I’ll explain it to him.”

It’s part of her mission to show him the importance of hard work — a trait she combines with her passion and infectious positive attitude. Her management team believes in her potential and has placed her in a self-paced leadership development program.

“This is without a doubt an environment that I can see myself making a career out of,” she said. “And that’s my end goal here.”

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