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Wexford Hospital Serves Comfort Food

Megan McCreary is out to change the reputation of hospital food. “We take our food really seriously here,” she said. “We make sure the patients get exactly what they want — hot, fresh food that tastes homemade.”

Megan is a dietary clerk with the Food and Nutrition Services team at AHN Wexford Hospital. She answers calls from patients and assists them in any way possible with their meal orders and special dietary needs. But she doesn’t shy away from jumping in where needed, on the tray lines or delivering meals to patients herself. 

“Patients deserve to get what they need and, always, to get quality food,” she said.

Good food is good care

Megan knows that food can be comforting and familiar amid the uncertainty of a hospital stay. Nutrition Services tries to fill any special requests, so that every patient is happy with their meal. They accommodate patients with allergies, those who need larger or smaller portions, and anyone with problems chewing or swallowing.

Megan loves to get feedback from patients who are surprised to find their food is tasty, fresh, at the right temperature, and delivered on time. This is a big goal for the dietary team: to make each patient’s experience a positive one no matter what circumstances brought them here.

Megan had one interaction with a patient recovering from COVID-19 in the ICU that almost brought her to tears. “I called him every day,” she said. “He said that I have made such a difference in his life, and he’s appreciative that I come into work every day and help people like him.”

Getting a fresh start

Megan has always worked in Food and Nutrition Services, but joining the Wexford Hospital team was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

“All of my co-workers are all so welcoming,” she continued. “It’s a nice experience knowing that everyone wants to work together to make sure the job gets done. It's so beautiful here. Everybody is so amazing, making sure that everything looks new and clean.”

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