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Allegheny Valley Hospital

Commitment to Quality

We, the Allegheny Valley Hospital  family, are committed to providing the quality health care services and education our patients, medical staff and community expect. Our commitment will be communicated through our attitude, our actions and our resulting performance.

We recognize that quality is a process that involves understanding and conforming to the requirements of our customers- the patient, the public, the physician and each other.

We will make every effort to foster and support the education and development of our employees and physicians, enabling them to fully meet the requirements of our patients and the community through effective teamwork.

We will continually seek opportunities for improvement by encouraging participation, teamwork, innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking.

We will conform to the quality requirements the first time, and every time for all of our patients physicians, and our community.

We are committed to Allegheny Valley Hospital and quality being accepted as one and the same.