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Senior Care (Geriatric Medicine) at Jefferson Hospital

Jefferson Hospital's SeniorsPlus+ Program

Today’s seniors are more active than those of earlier generations. Living life on their own terms, preserving their safety and well-being, and remaining independent for as long as possible are at the top of their goals.
SeniorsPlus+ connects seniors with the resources they need to live safely, securely, and well.
SeniorsPlus+ is Jefferson Hospital’s innovative, award-winning program offering a wide variety of programs and services to address most every aspect of their ever-changing needs for safety, medical care, in-home assistance, functional well-being, housing, transportation, and much more.


And SeniorsPlus+ is backed by the full resources of Jefferson Hospital and Allegheny Health Network.

Not Just Medical Care:
Getting the Services and Assistance Seniors Need
The three components of SeniorsPlus:

  1. The Geriatric Assessment Program (physician referral required) is in-depth testing on the simple and instrumental activities of daily living to pinpoint where assistance is needed.
  2. Behavioral Health Care Services (no referral required) provides a full range of neuropsychological testing to assess the memory, attention, concentration, and cognition. The Behavioral Health Care team works closely with an individual’s key healthcare providers.
  3. Senior Services Program (no referral required) links seniors to an extensive network of service providers and programs in several important areas: housing, transportation, options for medical coverage, understanding Medicare, legal and financial assistance, advance directives, tax counseling, computer skills, driving safety programs, and more.


We hope to be of service to you – whenever you need us.  To learn more, call 412-469-7099.

1.  Geriatric Assessment Program
SeniorsPlus+ offers two specialized Geriatric Assessment programs designed to help seniors (and their loved ones) identify and address any special concerns they might be having about living independently – or with a bit of help. Whether it’s getting around the home or neighborhood, managing household tasks like cooking or paying bills, or concerns about mental and emotional well-being, our healthcare professionals will provide a comprehensive picture of your loved one’s safety and abilities.

“Safe at Home” Safety and Functionality Testing (physician referral needed)
Helping seniors stay safe, and manage the changes of the aging process is our specialty at SeniorsPlus.+ Our testing can help identify any obstacles to living safely and securely while remaining independent in your own place of residence.

Our occupational therapists will assess the ability to perform the everyday tasks of living. This information will be shared with the referring doctor, with our recommendations for any helpful services such as Meals on Wheels, a ‘friendly visitor,’ a home health aide, or durable medical equipment (canes, walkers, etc.), and others.

The functional tasks in the daily lives of older seniors are divided into two parts: activities of daily living, and instrumental activities of daily life.

Activities of daily living (ADLs) include the tasks required to get going in the morning, get from place to place using the body, and close out the day in the evening. They involve caring for and moving the body.

  • walking
  • bathing
  • dressing
  • toileting
  • brushing teeth
  • eating


Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) are the activities that people do once they are up, dressed, and put together. These tasks support an independent life style. Many people can still live independently even though they may need help with one or two of these IADLs:

  • cooking
  • driving
  • using the telephone or computer
  • shopping
  • keeping track of finances
  • managing medication


2.  Behavioral Health Evaluation, Testing, and Counseling (no referral necessary)
As we age, our bodies change - and so do our minds. Studies show that seniors face an increased risk of mental challenges, including clinical depression and memory impairment. But in most cases, these can be successfully managed with specialized care.

If you or a senior loved one have experienced any of the following, you may benefit from our assessment:

  • Memory problems
  • Confusion in taking multiple medications
  • Depressed mood
  • Social withdrawal and/or anxiety
  • Repeated falling
  • Loss of bladder control
  • General reliance on others for certain needs


Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation
A full range of neuropsychological testing by certified behavioral health providers assesses memory, attention, concentration, and cognitive ability to identify depression, anxiety, and other forms of emotional difficulty.

We also provide psychiatric assessments and medication consulting with recommendations to an individual’s primary care physician or healthcare provider.

Counseling and Emotional Support
We know the many challenges that the aging process can bring to our lives. Our social workers and therapists offer ongoing counseling services to seniors and their family members for emotional support and guidance as needed.

3.  Senior Services

Our Senior Services program is a free referral program that links seniors to an extensive network of service providers and programs in several important areas: housing, transportation, options for medical coverage, understanding Medicare, legal and financial assistance, advance directives, tax counseling, computer skills, driving safety programs, and more.

Some of our Senior Services Programs Include:

Housing Needs
Senior Services can help assess housing needs, clarify different types of living accommodations, and provide a list of all housing options in your area. We maintain up-to-date information on local, subsidized elder housing, independent living retirement communities and assisted living facilities, respite care, personal care homes, and nursing homes.

In-home Assistance
We understand and support your desire to live comfortably in your own home. Our resource list includes agencies and self-employed caretakers to assist with housecleaning, laundry, transportation, personal care, food preparation, and general errands.

Transportation Needs
Senior Services is an officially designated site for Access and PAT Bus applications. We can help you to apply for these services as well as discuss other transportation options. You must apply in person. Please bring a current photo ID.

Tax Counseling for the Elderly
AARP Foundation program provided in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service, trained volunteers counsel and help prepare federal and state tax returns for low- to moderate-income seniors aged 60 and older. There is no charge for the tax-preparation services, and returns are filed electronically. Call Senior Services to make an appointment starting in February through April.

Free Medicare insurance counseling (the APPRISE program)
Jefferson Hospital is an official site for APPRISE, a free state health insurance counseling program designed to help older Pennsylvanians with Medicare. Our specially trained counselors can help you understand Medicare, and explain the various supplemental insurance plans available to minimize the out-of-pocket costs of health insurance.

Covered topics include:
1.  Understanding Medicare Parts A and B
2.  Supplemental insurance plans
3.  Medicare Part D prescription coverage
4.  Eligibility for assistance programs to cover Part B premiums

We can also assist with billing/coverage issues and provide direction for filing appropriate appeals.

Other Assistance Programs
Our professional specialists are trained to evaluate eligibility for a variety of assistance programs including programs for veterans, low-income utility assistance, rent rebates, and supplemental medication coverage (PACE/PACENET).

AARP Driver Safety Class
Senior Services hosts AARP Driver Safety Courses for seniors to re-learn the current rules of the road, defensive driving techniques, and how to manage common age-related changes in vision, hearing and reaction time. The AARP Driver Safety is held on Jefferson Hospital’s Main Campus at the James Bibro Pavilion.

Consult your insurance agent for details on receiving a premium discount upon completing the course. AARP membership is not required to take the course and there are no tests to pass. For more information, call Senior Services at 412-469-7099.

Thanks to advances in medicine and improved access to health care, today’s adults are enjoying levels of independence and productivity well into their 70s, 80s – and beyond.

At Jefferson Hospital’s SeniorsPlus+ program, we strive to recognize and address the needs and concerns of aging adults and their families through a wide variety programs and services.

We hope to be of service to you – whenever you need us.  To learn more, call 412-469-7099.