Spinal Fusion Works Wonders for Mom of Three

As a working mom of three, Amanda was always on the move—until every move was almost impossible.

Her worsening back pain was turning everyday, simple chores into huge, time-consuming efforts. She could barely walk down the stairs, get in a car, or out of bed. The pain went from a dull throb in her lower back to a constant sharp shooting pain down both legs, and her feet went numb. She even passed out once from the pain. She tried physical therapy, therapeutic massages, acupuncture, stretching, and even cognitive therapy to learn how to cope with the pain. But nothing provided long-term relief. 

Going the extra mile for the best

After two years of chronic back pain, she decided to seek out a specialist in Pittsburgh, even though it was two hours away from her home. She found AHN neurosurgeon, Alexander Yu, MD. A diagnostic discogram helped pinpoint the location of her herniated discs; then Dr. Yu suggested minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery. Amanda was at the point where she was willing to try just about anything, so she immediately scheduled the surgery. She woke up almost pain-free and went home two days later feeling much better, knowing that she had made the right decision. 

Returning to normal feels so good

With three kids and a job that has her on her feet for hours at a time, she knew that finding long-term pain relief was an absolute must. She had her surgery back in April of 2020, physical therapy for a few weeks, and a few follow-up appointments with Dr. Yu, who is very pleased with her progress. After just a few months, she worked her way up to walking six miles a day. Now she’s back on her feet and back in control. 

Pioneering pain relief right here

Everyone cringes at the thought of back surgery. But sometimes, other treatment alternatives just don’t suffice, and surgery is the only option for long-term pain relief. AHN is pioneering some of the latest, most advanced, least invasive surgical procedures to provide relief for sufferers of degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and more.

The experts at the AHN Neuroscience Institute can help you or your loved one get control back, too. Call (724) 228-1414 or request an appointment to learn more about AHN spine care.